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  1. In general I prefer my paper cookbooks - there's something about looking up at a shelf of books for inspiration, pulling one down that takes my fancy and then leafing through to find an old recipe I might need reminding about. That said, I have both paper and e-versions of 'Modernist Cuisine at Home', and I use it on the iPad far more - the additional enhancements to the e-version make me reach for it every time. If it was identical to the paper version but on the ipad, I doubt that woul dbe the case. So...both, in their place?
  2. Almost $700k backed now... I guess I was fortunate being on European time. When I got the email from Anova (which I'm assuming anyone who has bought one would get), there were founder units available.
  3. Historically I have sent the knives out for someone else to do it, but the wear on the knives per sharpening has taken its toll. I have in mind that doing it myself I might be a bit gentler with the wear - but only if I do it right. I've begun sharpening myself recently with a few whetstones of various grits, but no sharpening system. Something like the edge pro is obviously a significant investment. But then so are a set of new knives...
  4. I think I remember you mentioning in the past that there were some tips you were given to sharpen the globals on the edge pro - care to share the knowledge? Have picked up a set of globals and whilst they're very sharp now, the edge does look more acute than other knives I've owned, so any tips on sharpening in the future would be appreciated.
  5. I just checked back the letter - unfortunately my comment earlier on being able to shortcut the wait for the customs payment letter was incorrect, as it gets a new parcel reference number at this point. This caused a week's delay for me, so it's a bit disappointing. Time frame was: Order placed 12th Nov, Order shipped 18th Nov, Stuck at customs 26th Nov, letter received and paid 2nd Dec, delivered 4th Dec.
  6. Just to be clear - being 10C off is only 18F, not 50F. 9/5C + 32 = F is the conversion, but for differentials the + 32 does not apply as it cancels out. That said, I think being 10C off is pretty bad, IF you were measuring at the target temperature for candy making. I personally use a thermapen and have found it accurate across a range of temperatures, but I have specific thermometers which match the thermopen at some points but then sail off wildly as they get further away from their intended target range. If the thermometer is 10C off at the temperature it's intended to target, it's nigh on useless.
  7. I imported to the UK. You will get hit for VAT at 20%, and may get assessed for duty if you order more than one (one by itself doesn't break the duty threshold). Anova didn't use fedex to dispatch, they used USPS, which ends up being parcel force over here. they charged an additional 15 GBP for clearance which was somewhat grating after the hefty shipping and handling charge. The most frustrating part is waiting for the postcard to come through the post so I could pay the vat and clearance, however I think I could probably get around that next time as the link provided to pay vat online uses the original parcel reference, so if I'd had the link emailed or provided online, I could have paid much quicker and got the circulator through quicker than waiting for the postcard from parcel force which took more than a week to arrive.
  8. So, the expense incurred: 199 USD for the circulator 69.95 USD for shipping and handling to the UK I did get hit for vat on import as expected - 20%. I did not get hit for Duty as the total value was too low, but if you're ordering multiple items, you may do, so bear that in mind - the best lookup I could do suggested this would be just above 4%. That was classing it as a water heater - bear in mind I didn't have to test that this was what customs would have applied. Annoyingly, I also got hit by a fixed charge from the courier company for having to handle the customs clearing - I stupidly left the invoice at work, but it was around 14 GBP. The rest of the charges I understood and it's up to me to decide whether I'm happy or not to place an order, but this was a surprise and left me a little less than gruntled given that the courier was their choice and would clearly be dealing with a cross border shipment, I expected this would be included. It's small, but I will complain about this to Anova. I'm going to leave my comments on whether I'm happy with the overall cost until I have had a chance to use it a bit more - initial impressions in use are great and temp appears to be spot on, but I am heading to Italy tomorrow and won't be using it for a week. I also have a pet peeve about amazon style reviews after owning products for a couple of hours which I don't wish to resemble. Hope that helps those considering a purchase for now.
  9. The Anova finally arrived! Very excited, but I'm at work. Will post thoughts / final costs etc later or tomorrow when I get a chance.
  10. If the UK App store is anything to go by, it looks like this isn't the case unfortunately - the last update was in May 2012. Also the Polyscience Sous Vide Toolbox hasn't been updated since August 2012. Shame as I thought this would be a good accompaniment to my new circulator, but I'm always reluctant to buy something that isn't being regularly updated, even just for iOS compatibility / look & feel.
  11. I've just made it again. Had all the ingredients this time, so didn't have to improvise. Tastes very good for what is almost a 'bung everything in PC' recipe.
  12. So the reasons I like sous vide: Control of temperature allows previously 'tricky' processes to be performed much more easily (creme anglais, hollandaise, etc.), with the same quality of result.Consistency of result - my steak or eggs are always done 'so', with little practice or effort, and variation for different tastes of 'doneness' can be made controllably and consistently.I like good food, and I am an average cook.I like toys.As a result, my meals are of better quality than they were before I was introduced to sous vide. It's definitely not for everything, but it works well for me in many applications. I've not had any issues with failures of equipment that were any worse than if an oven had failed half way through a casserole. I should also point out that it's not the sous vide that adds the (sometimes) unpleasant flavour - it's the use of a blowtorch. I tend to use a cast iron pan or a hot grill (I'm in the UK - I think what we call a grill is your broiler - heat from above) for final sear, though i also have an iwatani blowtorch - I'm just a bit better with the pan and grill than I am with the blowtorch. Also, sous vide has been around for a long time so I'm not sure it's valid to call it a fad, it's just become more popular now as equipment becomes more affordable - perhaps in the home it will become a fad, but I know very few people who have tried it and not stuck with it - not for everything, but as another addition to the arsenal in the kitchen.
  13. Finally got around to eating the butternut squash soup I had made. I definitely think I messed it up - it was very sweet and overall was overpowered by the coconut milk. I couldn't grasp of a seasoning that would have corrected it to something I would be happy with. I'm guessing an increase in the caramelisation in the initial stage would have added a more savoury flavour to the dish. I will get back to the carrot soup with my (frozen) carotene butter at some point.
  14. Sorry if it's impertinent to ask, but will you let us know the final price, all in when it gets to you. London Boy here is GASing for a circulator this side of Christmas. I certainly will.
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