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  1. Your experience at Egaña Oriza seems to reflect the opinions of a number of people that I know who have been there recently. It appears that the restaurant is on a downward trend and is no longer a better option than places such as Salvador Rojo and Poncio. In fact, I ate at Poncio last Saturday and had one of the best meals ever there.
  2. Seeing the photograph outside Casa Robles I was amused to see the bearded gentleman José Antonio Garmendia who is probably known to the Spanish participants on this forum. He knows quite a lot about tapas bars in Seville having written a few books on the subject. He is somewhat of a personality
  3. In Seville for a selection of fine olive oils from Andalucia you should go to a shop called La Delicia del Barrio at Calle Mateos Gagos, 15. Probably the best place to eat tuna in the south of Spain is along the coastline between Cadiz and Tarifa, especially in the spring between April and early June. This is when the blue-fin tuna migrate to their spawning grounds in the Mediterranean and are caught using the ancestral method of the almadraba. A few restaurants that you might wish to try are Restaurante El Campero (Avenida de la Constitución, local 5c) in the town of Barbate and Casa José Ma
  4. My pricing was without wine as it´s always difficult to include an inbuilt cost.
  5. I am going to be with a group of people in Bilbao in June and would be happy to receive any recommendations for restaurants around 30-35 euros per person.
  6. What a pity that you didn´t get to sample the tapas at Casablanca. It´s possibly the best tapas bar in Seville. I should have warned you that they have no written list of tapas. What is on offer changes from one day to the next and depends on what they have been able to buy and what they feel like making that day. So through necessity you have to ask what´s available and if your Spanish is not up to scratch the only thing you can do is point at what other people are eating and gesticulate that you want the same!
  7. I´m really glad that you enjoyed yourself in Seville. I ate a Poncio on Saturday and the first dish of the tasting menu we had was the same one as you have mentioned. As I think I said in a previous e-mail the decor in the restaurant is not to everyone's taste
  8. In answer to Jesús concerning our meal in Tragabuches on April 7th, we were all came away pretty content. We started with the tapas tasting menu and then went on to have one of the main dishes followed by dessert. I didn´t take any notes but the tapas included the following:- Gazpacho made in the usual but cherries added to the blend Partridge paté Olive oil 'ice-cream'. This was made with garlic, bread crumbs and olive oil cooled rapidly with liquid nitrogen. The olive oil then melted in your mouth giving a creamy texture. With the appearance of a slice of cake with different layers; foie gra
  9. Victor, I think has made a little slip with Hacienda La Boticaria. It´s in Alcalá de Guadaira, on the road towards Málaga.
  10. I remember adding a reply to a similar thread asking about Seville around a year ago. In Seville itself I recommended a couple of restaurants that I have liked over the last few years. These were Salvador Rojo and Poncio, both of which I would still recommend. Recently, I also quite liked San Fernando, 27. If I had to go with just one it would be Poncio inspite of the decor! Their tasting menu of 5-6 dishes is well worth it. Their food is a modern interpretation of Andalusian cuisine with some very interesting touches. Seville, as has been pointed out on a number of occassions in this forum, i
  11. The best wine shop in Seville is Tierra Nuestra situated in Calle Constancia, 41, tel: 95442119. If you are looking for manzanillas then my favourites that are readily available in Seville are Solear, San Leon, La Gitana and La Goya. Classic finos include Tio Pepe, Fino Quinta and La Ina. These wines can normally be purchased in decent supermarkets. In the department store El Corte Inglés they have a gourmet part called El Club del Gourmet which has sherry wines of high quality from a number of bodegas (wineries) including Lustau, Gonzalez Byass, Sánchez Romate, Domecq and Osborne. Seville
  12. Living here in Seville and having dined at many local restaurants I would first start out by saying that Seville is a much more rewarding city for tapas then for more conventional sit-down meals. That said, the two restaurants which I have enjoyed eating at most over the last year or so are Salvador Rojo and Poncio. Both are chef-owned restaurants which give a modern interpretation of Andalusian cuisine with some outside influences. La Taberna del Albardero which Bux mentioned is a catering school as well as a restaurant and hotel. At lunchtime during the week there is a 'menu del día', with
  13. Deboned ham can be cut using a slicer. However, with the ham on the bone it would be very difficult due to irregular shape, the cutting of fine ham in small pieces etc. Also, if I´m not mistaken Italian ham is cut sideways and not the front and back of the leg. which may make the task of mechanical cutting easier.
  14. It depends on who has drunk the most fino
  15. In Spain during the Christmas period one of the most common reasons that people are taken to accident and emergency departments is for injuries that have been sustained while cutting ham.
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