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  1. I always though that Tamari was high-end soy sauce, because it has a richer flavor.
  2. Too many. But I organize them as follows, cookbooks which in my mind are technique and dictionary books , cuisinebooks that are more internationally or ethnic focused, and then recipebooks which are compilations of recipes from magazines, ingredient (olive oil, meat, etc) driven recipes, or broadly focused on something like BBQ. Just makes it easier for me to grab what I want.
  3. Best first cookbook? As much as I would like to drop off a thick tome of technique and recipes. I think the Sunset book (or something akin to it) would be best if a used copy could be found. It covered measures and recipes in a way that was easily understood. For someone who has difficulty with turning on a stove or oven, and doesn't know a spatula from a spoon? There was book called The Complete Illustrated Step by Step Guide to Cooking and it was very much a monkey see, monkey do, sort of international cookbook. It's about 30 years old, and can be found for a pittance. The recipes are about what you would expect, very simple, with a few needed chef notes to goose the flavor. That said a complete tyro could make a dish from it without ending up in the hospital, or burning down the house. In the age of youtube and food television, seems that authors forget that not every budding cook is starting with a solid foundation in the kitchen. If there was a combination of the two books above with really great recipes, that'd be the single book I'd get. I think my first cookbook was either a Betty Crocker book, or a section from Mary Margaret McBride's gigantic doorstop. Yikes, I'm old!
  4. Folk seem to hate JoC, but at our house not all of our guests are particularly adventurous. Referring to the JoC seems to please many without delivering a whole lot of complexity. Regarding Bittman? HTCE arrived today - I've wanted to read it for some time, as it seems like one of those books that demands a personal review. I might want to donate it 10 minutes in, but I still feel like a run at reading it is more valuable that dismissing it outright.
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