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  1. 3 hours ago, kostbill said:

    Is it the small layer between the meat and the skin?

    I like that you spooned the sauce like in the photo!

    Is the sauce the same? Was it good? It is mostly fat, so it should be good.

    Yes, it’s the thin layer on top of the breast meat. I can see it because I know where to look, but doesn’t pop in the photo as well. Like I said, I should have done more mousse. It was absolutely there and you could

    tell while eating it, but for the picture it wasn’t great. 

    The sauce is actually ChefSteps Jus Gras. I made their herb oil and then emulsified it into my turkey stock. Was fantastic. 

  2. I made a variation of this for COVID Thanksgiving with a turkey breast! Don’t be shy when applying the mousse (I should have done more since it was a thick turkey breast, tough to see in the picture)and do the crispy skin right. I kinda rushed the skin part and wished I took my time on it. Would have been a bit better looking. Great recipe.




    Can also use technique and make a roulade with the breasts with the mousse piper between them. 

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  3. 20 minutes ago, Chris Hennes said:

    I'm off on another "research expedition" -- much to the chagrin of a few other cities we could mention, Modernist Pizza asserts that Portland, OR is the "best pizza city". Really the only way to evaluate such a claim is to take a field trip. Perhaps even several field trips. After all, you basically have to visit all the other contenders as well, right? At any rate, I find myself in Portland for the weekend, with an itinerary that looks like this:

    1. Scottie's Pizza Parlor
    2. Ken's Artisan Pizza
    3. Handsome Pizza
    4. Lovely's Fifty Fifty

    That seems like a reasonable start to this project, anyway. So I started with Scotties late this afternoon (they have the excellent virtue of opening at 3pm on Friday and Saturday, almost all the other places listed in MP open at five, and there are a limited number of meals I can eat in a day after 5pm!).








    That is the "Number 1": TOMATO SAUCE, FRESH AND AGED MOZZ, PECORINO ROMANO, FRESH BASIL, SHAVED PARM & GOOD OLIVE OIL. They did not mess around with the basil, there's a whole salad on there! The crust is naturally leavened, and looked to be baked in a deck oven. The pies are 18", so they the slices seemed enormous (since I normally make 12" or 14" at home). The crust was not quite stiff enough to hold its shape all the way to the tip of a slice, but after a few bites it was more controllable. Very classic flavor profile here, and a great start to the weekend.

    That looks incredible. Looking forward to the rest!

  4. 33 minutes ago, Chris Hennes said:

    Direct Artisan Crust, Aged One Day


    One of my best pizzas to date -- this is getting pretty close to optimal flavor and texture for this style of pizza, in my opinion. No Modernist innovations, just the Direct Artisan dough with a one day cold proof. Baked convection at 480°F for six minutes on a pizza steel that had been preheated for an hour.



    Yeah that looks incredible. 

  5. 31 minutes ago, Chris Hennes said:

    Rotisserie Chicken Pizza (KM p. 317)


    I normally stay out of the pizza taxonomy battle: if you want to call a thing "pizza", go to town. But I do maintain a sort of internal "is this pizza?" rating scale, and I have to say, this "pizza" does not meet my criteria. This is an open-faced chicken sandwich. It tastes pretty good, and has some nice touches, but in my book this isn't a pizza. I'll let you all decide for yourselves, given the following specs:

    • This is a thick crust, Al Taglio pizza
    • There is 40g of cheese for a 12"x16" pizza (the normal amount in MP is 200g)
    • There is 50g of thickened chicken jus (a.k.a. gravy) as pizza sauce, 100% of which is applied by tossing the chicken in it (the normal amount is 300g)
    • Post-baking the pizza is topped with a salad (it's supposed to be frisee dressed in Green Goddess dressing, but I couldn't get frisee so I used arugula)

    Here's what that amount of cheese looks like on the crust:



    And here is the pizza after baking, but before the salad is applied:



    Finally, here's a finished slice (that's crispy chicken skin on top, which was a nice touch):



    I'm not arguing that it was bad tasting: I think it needed more gravy sauce, but was otherwise a pretty good open-faced chicken sandwich.

    That looks really nice though. I’d call it pizza. Al Taglio stuff can definitely fall into this “Open Face Sandwich” feeling. 

  6. Sourdough Artisan was fine. No pics. May have been a bit overproofed. Have not been having a ton of luck lately with sourdough pizza. Used to be something I made all the time. Weird it’s turned into something that’s giving me trouble. I’ll reevaluate and try again in a week or two, but the commercial yeast stuff has been so good I’m in no hurry. 

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  7. On 3/11/2022 at 9:47 PM, Chris Hennes said:

    Tonight's pizza was a naturally-leavened Modernist Artisan dough -- you just replace the poolish with levain and omit the yeast. It worked well, but I think I prefer the commercial yeast version.



    Nice! I’m going to make the dough for this tonight and bake tomorrow on my steel. 

    @Chris Hennesdid you go from mixer to 20 minute bench rest to divide shape and refrigerate? Or spend longer at RT before the fridge? I’m experimenting with treating it as my sourdough breads. Autolyse, bulk ferment at 86F, preshape and shape and refrigerate. Bulk time I need to get nailed down. Autolyse may be too much but today it just worked well with my schedule. Thinking of trying a batch without the oil too. Richer doesn’t use oil (or Diastic malt powder) so curious how that goes. 

  8. This is Modernist Pizza NY Style 14” cheese pizza (direct dough). 400g dough ball, but at 65% hydration. I mean, I’m not sure how this isn’t NY pizza, apart from the size. Was awesome and adjusting their recipe to 65% hydration is the only change needed. 





    Central Milling High Protein Bread Flour, Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes with salt, freshly grated Mozzarella from a block I bought at the deli, cooked at 550F convection on a preheated baking steel for 7 minutes. Cold proofed for 3 days. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, Chris Hennes said:

    For the really high hydration doughs I use high speed. It looks insane, but I find that anything lower and it just sort of stretches the dough around a bit and it never balls up.

    I might flip it up to high speed to catch it and ball it up but then I’m back down in the 4-6 speed range. High speed scares me, lol

  10. 2 hours ago, Marcvl said:

    So, this is my first post on this forum and also the first time i tried a Modernist Pizza recipe. I dont know the name of the recipe but its the one that has very high hydration levels (75%) and adds diastatic malt. 

    i had a very hard time with this recipe. The dough was incredibly sticky. It didnt form a nice ball around the kneeding hook. Some dough stayed at the bottom of the bowl and didnt get picked up by the hook. I thought it was all wrong so i started adding flour, and adding more, and more, and more. I couldnt get the window test working at all. So i kept kneeding (at least my

    machine did) for 30 min or so, while the recipe only called for 11 minutes. Still no progress after 30 min, so i gave up and went on to the next step. 

    at the end of the day, the pizza was great, but the dough was not behaving right. It would tear as soon as i started to stretch it. And it was still sticky. 

    Any tips on what i am doing wrong?



    Sounds like the high hydration Artisan dough. I’ve made it, it’s good, but high hydration doughs are not easy, especially starting out. 

    Starting with the paddle attachment is helpful. Then once it balls itself around the paddle, scrape it off and switch to the dough hook. May need medium high speed to make sure you catch the dough. 

    Holding back 5% of the water and gradually adding it after a few minutes of kneading with the dough hook (starting with the dough hook) is another technique you could use. 

    I used to do it as well, but try not to add more flour. Defeats the purpose. Allowing the dough to relax for 5-10 minutes can do wonders. The times they give for kneading aren’t bad, but you shouldn’t start the timer until it comes into s uniform mass, so sometimes that can take a few more minutes. 

    Get used to their master or direct dough recipes before messing with the high hydrations. Or don’t, but be prepared to waste a lot of flour.


    Even once you form the gluten, handling and shaping them is another animal

    altogether. It’s awesome, but tricky. Keep reporting back and post some pics too! 

  11. NY Style Cheese Pizza with garlic slices and oregano under the cheese which I think means it’s based on a Marinara in Mod Pizza. Forget which one. 



    Dropped the hydration to 65% @scott123 and used a 300g dough ball @Chris Hennes. Central Milling High Protein Bread Flour. Very happy with this. Given the hydration was lower (and it could have used another hour on the counter proofing) I was only able to get it to 12”. I have a 400g dough ball in the fridge that I should be able to comfortably get to 14” so we’ll see how that comes out at the lower hydration. 

    Otherwise, this was AWESOME. Cooked on my baking steel for 6 minutes at 550F convection. The sauce is a can of crushed Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes with 8g of salt. Only wish I had better cheese but was in a pinch so I went with Sargento Mozzarella. A friend is hooking me up with Grande so I’ll be set once I get that. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, FlashJack said:

    @Robenco15 I'm thinking of increasing the diastatic malt in the artisan. Have you played with that or have thoughts?

    Have not played with that yet. I have done a few grams more by mistake more than on purpose. No complaints. But increasing by a substantial amount isn’t something I’ve done. 

    I have multiplied the dough relaxer amount in the Master Neapolitan Dough by 3 and had great results. 

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  13. 8 minutes ago, Chris Hennes said:

    Modernist high-hydration al taglio dough with poolish


    Their normal al taglio dough uses levain as a flavoring agent: this variant replaces the levain with poolish, but is otherwise identical. It's a nicely textured thick-crust pizza that I served with crushed cherry tomato sauce and buffalo-milk mozzarella. Not as good as the levain version, but still a good dough.



    Nice! This is the only main style I haven’t done yet. I need to season my al taglio pans. What kind of pan is in your pic?


    Today I made the direct Artisan dough. 50% Cairnspring Sequoia AP flour, 25% Central Milling Old World Bread Flour, and 25% Central Milling High Protein Bread Flour. Going to cook one or two tomorrow on my baking steel. 

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  14. 75% Butter Brioche loaf



    My oven’s convection doesn’t seem to heat properly or something. After 40 minutes at 350F it was only registering 115F interior. I turned it to normal 350F and in 30 minutes it was done. I turned off the auto-convert setting on my oven that automatically reduces the oven temp to compensate for the fan so that should help in the future. 


    Parchment paper handles to take the loaf out worked flawlessly. Will always do that now. 

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  15. New York Cheese Pizza


    Overall it is a stellar pizza, now whether it is correctly New York style is something that has been discussed here plenty. It isn’t Neapolitan and it isn’t an Artisan pizza, so it’s an American pizza? 😆




    Anyway, this is a 14” pizza and I cooked it at 550F convection for 8 minutes on my baking steel (preheated for an hour) and I think that was perfect. Maybe 7 minutes next time. I put too much cheese on it so that’s on me. I may experiment reducing the dough weight to 300g like @Chris Henneshas done. Also think I’ll bring the hydration down to 65% @scott123? The Central Milling High Protein bread flour was a dream to work with and the smell is just out of this world.

    It’s a really good pizza, whatever you want to call it. 

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