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  1. The whites require a higher temp than the yolks. Try a time/temps that suits your yolk prefs, then drop the egg into boiling water for a brief while to set the whites. Or, how about looking into your poached/soft boiled eggs in a pressure cooker? Thanks, that explains why my egg came out the way it did. Still new to SV and have a lot to learn.I would suggest keeping a simple log for eggs (and everything else but at least eggs since they are so tempermental). Record temp, time, and characteristics. Then when you know the kind of egg you want for a dish you have a good idea of what to do. Enjoy! I know I am.
  2. Egg cookery is not specific to Anova, so it's a bit off-topic here. There are threads on egg cookery, e.g. All about "sous-vide" eggs and Still looking for SV Eggs with whites set If you desire a soft yolk and a gelled but not rubbery white, see Comparing 16'/75°C eggs and 50'/64°C+3'/100°C eggs. And you find the table "In-Shell Egg Heating Times in a 75°C Water Bath Using Circumference or Diameter" here. See also the wikiGullet section on cooking eggs. Yeah I'm sorry about that off topic post. I've figured it all out (ha, at least for now). I believe that egg was bad/I messed with it too much in the bath. I did it again for 60 minutes and it was exactly what it should be. I also did one at 65C for 75 minutes, and then a 14, 15, 16, 18, and 20 minute egg at 75C. I preferred the 15 minute egg at 75C. I think I got my eggs figured out for the time being! I'm making eggs benedict tomorrow with sous vide Hollandaise sauce and a 75C 15 minute egg. Going to be good!
  3. My thermapen matched it at 64.4C exactly. I let it run for 15 minutes and had it covered while an egg cooked. Then I lifted the aluminum foil covering it and took the temp. and it was dead on.
  4. Thanks Jeff for covering shipping if we filled out the survey! Mine is filled out, but I won't be able to ship it back for 3 more weeks. Hopefully, that doesn't run into your Christmas rush. I'm looking forward to the updated software and look forward to what changes you make in future versions based on our feedback. I also pushed CNET on Twitter to review the Anova along side the other circulators on the market. They said it is definitely on their radar. I would love to see them put all of them through their paces and compare how each one stacks up. I'm sure the Anova will be at the top of the $200-350 circulators, especially with the changes you are making with the software. The more I use it (and the touch screen) and the more Jeff seems to be interested in taking into account feedback from us, this could turn into an extremely refined circulator. The refinement of features and additional features that could be gradually introduced through the software alone is amazing to think about. I'm looking forward not to the next few weeks, but to a year from now when who knows what will be in place.
  5. Yes I've seen that. Good to see it again. So I'm stumped as to why my egg white was so runny and milky. Maybe a bad egg, haha? Does the way I crack it matter? I cracked it on its side like I would do any boiled egg.
  6. I've read all of those threads. That's why I was so confused why 64.4C didn't work. The whites were milky, which was really weird. The eggs are brown eggs (but not labeled organic). I'm doing one for 60 minutes at 65C now. After I see how that goes I'll try 64.4C again. I just did SV carrots for dinner. A little too long in the bath, but tasted great, not enough crunch though. Anova running strong!
  7. Ok so it held 64.4c perfectly and my thermapen was right in sync with it. I put an egg in a salad strainer in the bath for 50 minutes. I moved the egg a few times because it fell out if the straine. There was also a brief moment where it came out of the bath as I moved it around. When it was all done I cracked the egg and opened it onto a plate. The white was completely watery/liquid whereas the yolk was a great thick texture. Was me moving the egg around or only keeping it in for 50 minutes result in liquid whites? I thought 64.4 was enough to set thr whites. The eggs came directly out of the fridge. The Anova is awesome. Making carrots now. Then probably another go at the egg.
  8. I got my Anova unit!!!!! Heating up now and then throwing some eggs in. So far, it is all incredible. Not too loud at all. So good. Can't wait for those eggs!
  9. Ah. Yes, I forgot about that problem. That makes sense then. I guess you can't get the Anova for the same price as the Sansaire though.
  10. I believe it does go dark while it's reaching temperature (and with the timer) but once again, it's just a small nag. Otherwise I've been pretty happy with it. Wish that I didn't need such a tall pot, but whatever. Haven't tried anything as delicate as an egg to test the accuracy, but I'm sure I can try that out this weekend and see how it goes. The first thing I am doing is the egg! Can't wait for that. I plan on using a cooler but I also have an 8 quart stock pot that is technically too small, but if the guy from SeriousEats has no problem balancing it and the person up this thread also did the same and use a rubber band to secure it to the handle, I'm not worried about that. Some days it will be convenient using a cooler and other days it will be convenient using my stockpot and the rubber band. This also gives me another reason to buy a 20 quart stock pot, which I've wanted for awhile.
  11. I'd say this review nails it. There are a few nagging things that could be better, but it's a pretty solid unit that does a good job. Plus, you can buy one now rather than wait for something like the Nomiku or Sansaire (which both look like good units.) Yeah, I can't understand why anyone would be waiting for the Sansaire when you could get the Anova for the same price now. But that's just me. And if those are the only complaints that the reviewer had then I'm pretty content with the Anova. Does the automatic touch screen go dark when the timer is running and/or when it is coming up to temperature? I guess I could see how that could be annoying but the Sansaire doesn't have a timer at all so they each have their pros and cons I guess. How are you liking the Anova?
  12. Actually, the timer doesn't seem to stop beeping and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn off the beeping other than hitting the stop/start button. Slightly annoying but not a big deal. The unit does continue to run while the timer is going off. It does not beep when it comes up to temperature, and while that would be a nice feature, it's not necessary. Without having the original unit, it's difficult to know the differences. It does look like the temperature calibration is easier to access from the boot screen at the beginning. The manual does not appear to be any different than the one I read online originally, but feel free to download it. Ooops, I fibbed about this. If you hit the area where the timer is, it does indeed stop the timer without stopping the unit. Also, here's the burger I made with the unit last night. That's awesome about the timer! That was the main thing I hoped they would address. Not having the option to set the degrees in tenths of fahrenheit isn't a huge deal but would have been nice. And I agree, no need for it to beep when it gets up to temperature. Was just curious since they added a beeping function for one part of it but nothing else. Thanks for all of the info!
  13. I ordered mine on 9/5 and received it yesterday. I had a few of the same complaints that you had in regards to communication (also, wasn't very happy that they charged me for the unit before it was shipped.) But now that I've received it, all is forgiven. The unit comes with firmware 2.01. Obviously you haven't owned the previous firmware version, but do you know of any major changes or does it say anything in the manual about them? I think I should be getting that firmware version when mine comes in. I was wondering if the firmware makes it possible to adjust Fahrenheit by .1 degrees and if the unit still shuts off after the timer ends. Thanks for any info! Timer now allows the option of an alarm or turning the unit off. Fahrenheit does not allow .1 degree adjustments. Since you seem to be the only source as to answers of the new firmware I have a few more for you if you don't mind. Once the timer goes off, I assume you have to press a button to stop the timer from beeping (or does it only beep a few times and then stop?). Once you stop the timer, does the circulator shut off or keep running, holding the temperature? Does it beep when it comes up to the temperature you choose? Anything else you know of that has been changed/improved upon? Any chance of posting manual? Thanks for any info you can provide!
  14. I still have not received a response from Jeff/Anova. The lack of communication is not encouraging. I haven't been getting a reply to that question either but everything else has been getting replied to. Lisa has been handling the communications lately. The failure to respond to my one nagging question isn't bothering me that much as whatever it is means it is better than before and I loved basically everything about the earlier firmware stuff I was hearing so it is not making a difference to me in the long run. Just curiousity I guess.
  15. I ordered mine on 9/5 and received it yesterday. I had a few of the same complaints that you had in regards to communication (also, wasn't very happy that they charged me for the unit before it was shipped.) But now that I've received it, all is forgiven. The unit comes with firmware 2.01. Obviously you haven't owned the previous firmware version, but do you know of any major changes or does it say anything in the manual about them? I think I should be getting that firmware version when mine comes in. I was wondering if the firmware makes it possible to adjust Fahrenheit by .1 degrees and if the unit still shuts off after the timer ends. Thanks for any info!
  16. I love my 2 quart all clad D5 saucepan (1.5qt is too small for anything I need, but you must have uses for a 1.5qt). I have made mornay sauces and ice cream bases in it countless number of times, among other things, and have never burned milk or cream. It is thick and heavy so I find it doesn't heat up lightning quick, but it evenly heats up and holds temperatures extremely well. It also responds to temperature changes quick. I use that saucepan almost daily and it is just incredible. If I'm just boiling water I don't reach for it first as I don't mind using a cheaper saucepan I have and just putting it over high heat. I try to not put my All Clad pans over high heat ever. The most I do is 1 or 1 and a half notches below the highest setting when I need to bring a cold liquid to a boil, but don't want to burn it (like milk and heavy cream). I also have the D5 10 inch fry pan and D5 3 qt saute pan and they are all fantastic. If I haven't committed myself to wanting to buy copper pans next for myself I would have started acquiring more of the D5 line. They are all solidly built, heavy, sturdy, and heat evenly and quickly and I never, ever have to use anything close to high heat for the saute or fry pan. You didn't mention it, but I wouldn't look into the copper core lines. I do not have any experience using them, but have read enough opinions and also looked into the science of copper pans that I feel comfortable passing on some knowledge. Basically, to actually benefit from using a copper pan, the copper has to be around 2.5mm thick. The all clad lines are not that thick (among other brands) so while it may heat up quicker, when you add, say a chicken breast, the pan's temperature drops too much and then struggles to get it up to temperature. Therefore you end up steaming meat instead of searing it.
  17. Good luck and please post. I've asked three times and didn't get a response. I'm honestly not mad about it or anything as they've been amazing about everything else. They are currently looking into shipping options for me as I won't ever be home to sign for it as gone from 5am to 5pm everyday. I definitely bought it because of this thread. No question about that.
  18. Just ordered mine! Got the go ahead from Jeff that the updates were done and I could place an order. They told me they are backlogged so I shouldn't expect it to be shipped until next week. I'm ok with that. Looking forward to finally owning it!
  19. Thanks for your input. I saw those and was somewhat put off by the price. Why do you "love" them? The long handle rises above the bowl of the strainer, and I can imagine that trying to lay the strainer across a pot and have it sit flat may be difficult. One use of a strainer for me is to pour liquids through them into a waiting pot. Any thoughts on this design element? I don't think I want a chinois at this point - maybe later on. Space is at a premium right now. They are sturdy (I've actually pressed purees through them before I had a tamis and while I wouldn't recommend doing it often as eventually it would probably break, it worked great the few times I have done it. I love the size of the mesh. It is very fine. I haven't seen a strainer with that fine of a mesh besides some chinois and my 60 mesh lab sieve. I always look when I'm at any store that carry strainers and I have yet to find one that fine. Even the all clad were not very fine. I am not sure of the size but it is probably 1mm tops (I'm at work right now so I can't measure, but I'd guess that it's even less than 1mm). Quinoa cannot get through. I find that the mesh is the most important thing I care about when choosing strainers and sieves (plus durability I guess). Putting soup through and ice cream bases always results in a great, strained, product. The handle is comfortable and while it doesn't have hooks at the end to rest over the lip of a bowl or pot, it has an indented lip that works well. I guess that could be a negative aspect of it but it hasn't really created any problems for me. I haven't really noticed the handle keeping the strainer from laying flat on the bowl, but maybe it does. It hasn't made a difference at all though. Yes they are expensive. I've slowly bought the smallest one for cocktails and lemon juices, etc. The middle size is useful for a lot of things and then I bought two big ones for stock and larger items/volumes. They also work great for big pot blanching as long you get the water level high enough. I don't have them in front of me but the mesh does not vary at all from large to small. Hope this is helpful! edit: throwing it in the dishwasher is always convenient too!
  20. I have multiple sizes of these - http://www.amazon.com/CIA-Masters-Collection-4-Inch-Strainer/dp/B000HVBES4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1379351878&sr=8-1&keywords=cia+strainers I absolutely love them. They are fine enough for everything and work great with stocks (I also use a strainer cloth when straining stocks for added refinement). If I could go back in time, I may only buy reall good chinois' in different sizes. Now I am eventually going to buy chinois' but also have my bowl strainers. That is a lot of strainers. Might want to look into chinois and be aware of the size. Some look small online but then in person are massive and impractical. Good luck!
  21. so it's ok that it is resting on the bottom of the pot?
  22. I'm doing a couple of eggs at the moment and the KA whisk attachment is a perfect solutionOne thing I've noticed is the clamp is pretty high on the unit. Too high for an 8 qt stock pot. Although the unit appears heavy enough to stand on it own I didn't want to take a chance and a rubber band worked to secure the unit to the pot handleI'll have to try that! Does it matter if it is resting on the bottom?
  23. No idea wangjt. I emailed them and was told they'd get back to me. They are probably pretty busy and who knows. I also don't know if they are wiling to tell me yet. They were quick to tell me to hold off but maybe didn't want to give me all of the details yet?
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