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  1. Dear Mrs. Meadow: Sorry I wasn't able to reply sooner; I'm new to eGullet, and still finding my way around. If you were willing to travel as far as Long Beach, I could recommend places like 555 East (a steakhouse with private rooms) or King's Fish House, both owned by the Kings Seafood Co. (www.555east.com and www.kingsfishouse.com, respectively). King's Fish House also has a branch in Orange. Also high on the list would be Christy's for Italian (www.christysristorante.com) and Nico's for new American (www.nicosrestaurant.com), both owned by Christy Bono, the late Congressman's daughter, or Lasher's (562-422-1253) for more comfort-food American (sadly lacking a website). However, I'm going to assume you would like to stay close to Newport Beach. All of the restaurants you have listed have fine reputations. If you go inland a bit, to Costa Mesa, and want to impress with "name" restaurants (sometimes a consideration with business clients), you will find Pinot Provence, one of Juaquin Splichal's restaurants. I haven't been to Provence, but have had enjoyable meals at both Cafe Pinot and Nick & Stef's. www.patinagroup.com/therestaurants_pinots_provence.html Of course, with Splichal's name attached, you can expect name prices. If you're watching the budget, I'd check out King's in Orange. Or there may be something more to your taste further south, in Irvine. And, of course, more information can always be found at www.digitalcity.com. Well, at least they give some information, and sometimes include websites, although the Patina material wasn't there. (Please pardon my amateurish listing of site codes; as I say, I'm still new at this.)
  2. According to the Good Eats Fan Page (at www.goodeatsfanpage.com), Shirley has appeared on Good Eats at least a dozen times. Usually she's listed as a "Food Scientist," but for the show on cooking beans she was credited as a "Food Scientist Guru," which seems more fitting. As a person, I think she could give Cinderella's Fairy Godmother a good run for her money, she's so full of good spirits, enthusiasm and cheer. And yes, she writes exactly as she speaks, something I find common with a number of writers I enjoy. (You don't happen to have a rumbly, bass voice, do you?)
  3. Thanks again, John! I've read How to Read a French Fry, and find Parsons both interesting and kinda fun. Also, my partner and I made our weekly trip to the bookstore tonight, and I've picked up a copy of Corriher's Cookwise, something I should have done some time ago since she's so enjoyable on Alton Brown's show. There's a couple of down notes, however. First, the bookstore didn't have any of your books in stock. (This means an on-line raid is in order.) The second is that my partner started browsing through Cookwise, and from the way he was muttering to himself the book may disappear onto his stack of reading material. I'll just have to be patient before getting my chance to read it. *sigh*
  4. A second question. I'm a novice cook, fully admit it, but while recipes may inspire me, I rarely find myself following them to the letter. This has led to my fair share of dishes that "aren't right," as well as a few that have worked wonderfully. So, as long as I'm treating my cooking as a learning experience, I've found some of the best answers lie in the "kitchen science" books, explaining the whys of cooking along with the hows. Since you like to experiment in the kitchen, who do you like to turn to when you find yourself stuck for a good solution?
  5. Thank-you! This sounds like an excellent idea. (It also sounds like a great way to make new friends!)
  6. Hi, John! I'm planning on moving from one coast to the other in a couple of months, the first time I'll have ever lived away from my original home area. I'm looking forward to it, but have no idea how to find out about the regional foods of my new home once I've moved. Do you have any hints I might use? (I'm specifically moving from SoCal to Delaware, but kept the question generic.)
  7. Another newbie here. What I'd like to know is whether Tony has any plans for another book like his tome on Typhoid Mary. And, while I'm at it, whether he's ever considered the job title "Food Journalist." There's damn few good ones out there, particularly of the Gonzo school.
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