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  1. Sent mine back on a Monday and had new unit by Friday. To and from Canada Nice. That's fast. Do they send you a tracking number when they ship the v2's back to you?
  2. I sent mine in to get updated to v2. For those that did this, how long was your turnaround time?
  3. http://forums.egullet.org/topic/145431-anova-sous-vide-circulator-available-anyone-try-it/page-12#entry1933226 Not that big of a change. If you don't use the timer feature, you probably wont know the difference.
  4. I actually noticed that too. I used it all day so i wondered if that had anything to do with it. I didn't give it much thought though. You think it could affect the accuracy of the probe? I'm not too sure about this one but with my DIY one, when the temperature probe (pt100) started rusting (around the edges), it became less accurate and I eventually had to replace it. Right now the Anova is still accurate but I'm not sure what will happen a year from now which is why I'm a little concerned.
  5. So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I always disassemble the machine and wipe everything dry after cooking. However, I started to notice that one of the measuring probes (not sure if it's water level or temperature), is slightly tinted now. Sometimes, when I wipe off the water, this dark residue that looks like oxidized metal (rust) comes off on the napkin. It's weird that it's only on that one probe. Everything else is fine... (well actually.. the weld points on the metal skirt also oxidizes but that's not as big of a deal). Anyone else experience this? I'm wondering if this is going to cause a problem later since it is on one of the probes.
  6. Not making an excuse, because they SHOULD be answering emails, but I'd suggest a phone call for more prompt answers.I took your advice and called them up. Immediate feedback! They are shipping but are currently back ordered on the red/blue and plan on being able to ship those out next week. I changed my order to black and she said it would ship today.I had to do the same. There was a secret color "purple". Apparently mine was delayed because the work for the blue bodies was outsourced. It came back more purple than blue. Delay would be another 2 weeks. I had the option of purple or black... but I chose black.
  7. I'd say this review nails it. There are a few nagging things that could be better, but it's a pretty solid unit that does a good job. Plus, you can buy one now rather than wait for something like the Nomiku or Sansaire (which both look like good units.) Yeah, I can't understand why anyone would be waiting for the Sansaire when you could get the Anova for the same price now. But that's just me. And if those are the only complaints that the reviewer had then I'm pretty content with the Anova. Does the automatic touch screen go dark when the timer is running and/or when it is coming up to temperature? I guess I could see how that could be annoying but the Sansaire doesn't have a timer at all so they each have their pros and cons I guess. How are you liking the Anova? This is for 1.19 firmware. The touch screen goes dark after a few minutes (regardless of timer feature being used). I never timed it but it turns off after about 5 minutes. It's kind of like your computer monitor going into standbye mode when it's idle. Turning it back on is easy. Just a quick tap on the screen and it instantly lights up. I personally don't think it's a big deal. You're going to have to be close to read the display anyways. A quick tap isn't bad at all and I prefer that it turns off during the middle of the night. Also having it on the entire time risks the possibility of burning an image into the screen (no screen saver, static image). I love my Anova so far. I do wish they did more with the touchscreen. There's so much more potential. How about a graph of water temperature vs time? I would personally love that feature.
  8. Me too, please. Mine is older version "Anova Manual 2013.7.pdf" (and it's only 8 days old). Yeah I've been waiting a week and a half to order mine as they are currently making "comprehensive program updates" and Jeff was kind enough to tell me when it would be safe to order. Chances are when I do get mine it will be the new model for a few weeks until they do it again, haha. Gotta love technology. I'll be sure to post the manual if it differs wildly from the manual on scribd for anyone who would like to know the changes. Any ideas what the "comprehensive program updates" are?
  9. Me too, please. Mine is older version "Anova Manual 2013.7.pdf" (and it's only 8 days old). Somebody has it on Scribd. Here's the link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/165823093/Anova-SousVide-Series-Manual-2013-8 Thank you so much! 20 more hrs to go until my 72 hr short ribs are done. I can kill a few minutes reading the manual.
  10. Can someone send me the manual (dropbox link or something)? I received my device this week. However it tells me that the PDF on my USB key is corrupt. I can see the filename but it won't let me open it. "Anova_SousVide-series Manual 2013.8.pdf" TIL
  11. I found that having the water high plus the top of my cooler covered in aluminum foil caused the sound to drop dramatically. The noise never bothered me before, but it got so quiet that I found myself checking on it a lot to make sure it was still on and didn't turn off. How high is high? I also have the top of my cooler covered in foil, and have the water level up so that it's 1/2 way between the two lines on the stainless steel housing. There is a noticeable hum... like the sound of a microwave when it's on... but it's a tad quieter. It doesn't really bother me but I can hear it across the room when I'm watching tv. Also, when I took the stainless steel housing off, I noticed they used some sort of silicon/epoxy to seal the gap around the metal bars of heating coil and the main body. My first thought was they do this to protect main body from moisture. But mine isn't sealed completely. There is an area that is missing sealant. Will this going to be a problem later on?
  12. I also think the timer feature is weird if it turns off automatically. Earlier Jeff said they decided to not have the device turn on automatically after a power interruption because it was a liability issue (not sure on the details of how it is a liability). It would be consistent to make it so this device never turns on or off automatically without the user being present (except when the water level is too low). I can't imagine a scenario where I would want this device to turn off automatically and possibly have food being held at danger zone temperatures for long periods of time if something unexpected prevents me from getting to it immediately after the timer goes off. I don't really plan on using the timer feature right now since the cons outweight the pros. At least for me, a better use of the timer would be as a "delay" before turning the device on. In this case, if I'm away at work all day and know I'll be home around 5:30, I can set it so it turns on around 5:00. By the time I get home, the water bath will be up to temp already and I'm able to immediately drop my meal in. This was one very convenient feature on my zojirushi rice cooker and bread maker that I wish a lot of my other devices had.
  13. Sounds odd. What altitude are you? And how much different was the boiling delta? Not that high. Maybe 200ft altitude? Boiling temp should be very close to 100C. When I calibrated ice water to 0 degree, boiling temperature was something like 102C!. This was using a PT100 probe, and I am aware of it's limitations. I have since tried calibrating this to be accurate at 60C (a more common sous vide temperature).. but the calibration is only as accurate as my thermometer which isn't that accurate to begin with. It would be great if someone has an idea on how to calibrate a device without having to buy another expensive thermometer.
  14. Is there a recommend or best method to calibrate the device if I receive one that's not properly calibrated? I built a DIY temp controller using a PID box and calibrated using ice water (0 degree C) and boiling water (100 degree C). It didn't work out well because when I calibrated it to Ice Water, the temperature would be off for boiling water and vice versa. Also, I ordered one last week. how long does it usually take to ship? Is there a way to check the order status? I sent out an email on Monday but never received a reply.
  15. Is there some kind of marking on the steel skirt that tells you min/max water height or do you just guesstimate?
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