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  1. Your bread is gorgeous!! I have that book, but haven't made the breads. I will certainly be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Yay! Thanks Heidi! Here are a few pics of what I was talking about in my last post. The thing to remember when you do the repair is not to just cover the top of it up, you have to work it back and forth with the spatula by pushing in on both sides from the bottom up. Yea, you'll make some more marks by doing that, but then just smooth the whole top over. You may have to dip the spatula in hot water a few times but it really works.
  3. Cracks in cheesecakes are very easy to repair. After it has sat over night in the fridge you can run an offset spatula under hot water and push in on both sides of the crack until it meets in the middle, then smooth the whole thing over. I don't use a water bath. Don't pile a bunch of toppings on top of a crack because you will be adding weight to an already weak spot and it will only continue to crack more. Trust me on this one. If mine ever crack it's because they've been in the oven too long. I also put a piece of parchment on the bottom then fit the top piece over it as to make for easy re
  4. Thanks for the input. Actually I make my own butter because of the low quality butter available. I buy whole milk from a local dairy and use a mesophillic culture. It is much better than anything I have ever purchased.
  5. I have used them, but the ones I used had kirsch. I made a black forest cake and it was amazing. What a nice gift someone gave you!
  6. I love baking and have been searching for the best croissant recipe. I've tried a dozen or so and still something was missing. I tried this recipe from Chef Bruno via a youtube video. I love this recipe because it is much easier than most in that you are not making a "turn" put in fridge, 30 minutes later make another turn and the butter still seeps out. Here's a pic of my croissants and I am also including the link to the youtube video. If any of you have an amazing croissant recipe I would LOVE to give it a try. Hugs! Cheryl And the video link:
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