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    I'm bottling a dunkel weissbier tomorrow. It's from a brewer's best kit, as I have yet to graduate to all grain brewing. That's the next frontier for me, and I hope to do that in the next month. On a related note, I've been bottling (and refermenting) my own shandies lately. It's an idea I took from a trip to LA (Son of a Gun restaurant). They used orgeat and lemon juice to strike their sweet-sour balance. I'm playing with a combination of lactose and sucrose to both increase mouthfeel and reduce potential CO2. I don't want to create bottle-bombs by mistake. So far, the method is to h
  2. The information can be difficult to come by for any particular wine, but many wines are unfined, and yet others are fined using bentonite. I'd advocate forming a relationship with your wine store operator and letting them help you make selections based upon your criteria. As for pairing, most dishes are best paired to the sauce (if their is one) rather than general practice of pairing to the protein. More importantly, drink what you like. Off-dry wines pair broadly because of their acidity and residual sugar. Many rosés are also easy to pair with a variety of dishes. While some pairings c
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