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  1. Pizza & Movie night …


    While the rest of the family was enjoying the (moderately cool) insides of the house, the cook had to fire up the Ooni at 30 oC and wait patiently until it reached suitable temperatures, only equipped with a refreshing beverage.






    Tonight selection:


    Salami & mushrooms (who knew ?)




    Grilled eggplant and sweet ham




    Half salami & Gorgonzola (and one mushroom, sliced), the other half capers, olives & anchovies



    Salami & Gorgonzola is Umami Central



    All enjoyed with Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness … 😜

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  2. 19 minutes ago, gulfporter said:

    When we dine out we often get octopus grilled over real wood charcoal (pulpo al carbón)..

    I know a certain someone here who will wholeheartedly agree with your choice 🤗

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  3. Ossobuco in bianco (e.g. the tomato-less variety, although I reduced the sauce quite some, so calling it bianco would be a stretch), served with the marrow bone and buttery mashed potatoes. Enjoyed al fresco




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  4. 6 hours ago, shain said:

    A sesame bun filled with mushrooms and tofu, flavored with scallions, ginger, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, chili.

    Dipping sauce based of black vinegar, sesame paste.



    That does it. 

    If you ever decide to write a vegetarian cookbook, consider me your first customer. Plus, I‘ll cook all of the recipes and stay vegetarian until I am done … so nice 🤗



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  5. 28 minutes ago, heidih said:

    novelty attracts. 

    True that. I was very curious how he would react and truth to be told the base wasn‘t that bad. And the stuffed crust was … different. So all good. We watched Edward Scissorhands and called it a day. He enjoyed, which was most important to me …

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  6. Little one is a bit under the weather. He got stung by a wasp on Tuesday, but seemed fine for the next day. The night from Wednesday to Thursday the bite got infected and despite a course of antibiotics & antihistamines tonight he got worse. It‘ll take a few days for his arm to return to normal, until then he is a bit sensitive with pretty much everything. So I took him out tonight for a trip of things he likes: going to the carwash (and letting him stay in the front row seat), getting an icecream and finally letting him decide where to shop for dinner. He chose Lidl. He has never been to Lidl before. Literally never.

    Once we arrived there it started raining cats and dogs. After enjoying 15 min of kids radio, we went in. They had „American weeks“ and he found a sausage-stuffed crust pizza in the „weekly offer“ freezer. Well …




    Wiener-stuffed „hot dog“ pizza (I added roasted onions and a mustard mayo dip for the crust). And a cheese-stuffed salami pizza. „American weeks“ 🤪 These were his first two frozen pizzas in his life.






    His verdict was that we could have this pizza again, but only on Fridays (Sunday is our Pizza & Movie night) and only in „maybe 5 weeks or so again“. Faith in the little one restored ☺️


    For dessert he picked Macarons from last weeks French week. According to him they were good, but nothing compared to the one he had in Paris. I just love this guy 🥰






    Finally, tomorrow morning will feature pancakes from a tub with hopefully a recovered arm on the little one. Weekend !





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  7. My butcher had his fantastic coarse Bratwurst on offer. Whipped together a potato salad, grilled the sausage and served with Maille‘s garlic & sweet onion mustard and the best of all ketchups …





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  8. Not to derail the thread, but I usually go for canned herring. Specifically this one, named after the German expression for a hangover breakfast. Of course being a German item it contains several disclaimer that it doesn’t cure hangovers. It’s nevertheless extra tasty: sour pickled herring in salty tomato sauce with pickled onions and gherkins. Perfect with a beer for breakfast !



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    17 minutes ago, heidih said:

    Sense of humor is on sabbatical?

    Got washed away by …


    1 hour ago, haresfur said:

    The floods in the northern East coast of Australia

    Should have eaten more 


    26 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    ' fiber '  . but not very much



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  10. I went to a "Italian" restaurant once in one of the larger hotel chains in Shenzhen (I think it was an InterContinental). We had negotiations there and decided to take the lunch buffet, much to the delight of our Chinese negotiation partners who went beserk on the offerings.


    It wasn't all bad - what I vividly remember was the overcooked pasta & 10.000 sauces bar (that was very popular), where actually some of the sauces were ok (basic tomato sauce for example), yet most suffered from a heavy hand of sugar and almost all had an incredible amount of black pepper added. They had a minestrone, that was very decent and also some grilled meats, that - while not specifically Italian - could stem from a Western buffet, too. Plenty of cold boiled seafood (like in any Chinese buffet restauran), but with balsamic vinegar and olive oil as the dipping sauce options. And a table with plastic cheeses. And - as probably the only restaurant in my time in China - they served drinks (including wine) cold without any prior request.  

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  11. 6 minutes ago, rotuts said:



    I really am enjoying the menu 


    Costa Rican ?  why not  .... but :


    ''  cheese-gratinated mushrooms & cream sauce ''


    would they add bacon to this ?


    Ill sleep a lot easier knowing  they  would.

    I am pretty sure they‘d accommodate you 🤗

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  12. 15 minutes ago, rotuts said:

    are sides standard ?


    are there others to choose from ?

    Mixed salad & fries are standard, but at least the carb can be exchanged (maybe with a small surcharge) for Spätzle, Bratkartoffeln (home Fries) or Rösti

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  13. Returning from visiting a friend who lives in what could best be described as the German pampa, we crossed Heidelberg. My wife mentioned that we seldomly go there anymore for dinner and that close to where we were driving the Alte Münz restaurant was located and how much she liked the Schnitzel there. Little one got excited upon hearing “Schnitzel” and since we all were a bit hungry we decided for dinner there …




    Garden was open with a nice view on the Neckar river …




    The Alte Münz is know as the house of 100 Schnitzels, because that’s exactly what they have on the menu …




    My wife chose the one with bacon, onions and fried eggs …




    Little one opted for caramelized apples, lingonberry jam and gratinated Brie …




    And I took the cheese-gratinated mushrooms & cream sauce one (because it is tasty, and as a backup, in case little one didn’t like his choice).




    Salads and family style fries came with it, as well as some Heidelberger beer …




    We shared, enjoyed and since each portion consisted of two Schnitzel, we took home a generous doggy bag for another day. Little one was very content 🤗 …





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  14. At 37oC there isn’t much to do outside. Maybe going to the nearby lake (as DW and little one did) or maybe better staying inside and reading (cookbooks, as yours truly did). Regardless, we are having a sleepover guest tonight and that means Pizza & Movie night happens a day earlier than usual. 37oC is not really the environment you want to fire the Ooni up in, but hey … it’s for the kids 🙄


    Pies happened quickly, were eaten quickly and everyone retracted inside for Diary of a wimpy kid


    Salami (because the overnight guest doesn’t like mushrooms. Or any other topping.)




    (A truly great Italian) Salsiccia, heavy on fennel & garlic, and olives …





    Other pies or leftovers thereof …



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  15. 2 hours ago, lemniscate said:

    I swear that is a Marimekko print on that tablecloth.  

    Not quite, too symmetrical. But colors certainly hint in that direction. I wouldn’t mind to have the same type of fabric (water repellent, easy to wipe, washing machine compatible, …) with a classic Marimekko theme …

  16. It’s getting warm here at the Bergstraße … today we survived 32oC, tomorrow it will be 36oC. DW and the little one went for a refreshing afternoon at the nearby lake, while I was consulting colleagues on the finer art of EHS KPI reporting. I sometimes wonder who got the better life here 🤪


    Surely, when they returned they were famished and in dire need of carbs, yet in an appropriate (and not too hot) form - Tsukemen to the rescue ! I modelled today’s dinner after the fantastic Shugetsu in HK: salty, full bodied dipping sauce with plenty of dried fish flavor & roasted pork belly, plus eggs marinated in a smoked soy sauce. Of course it didn’t reach the original, but there weren’t any complaints, either 🤗




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