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  1. That was my first thought as well ... such a lovely sight, especially with dimmed light. Bit of a fairy tale forest feeling !
  2. Duvel

    New Lays Potato Chip Flavors

    New arrival in Hong King. Teawood is a popular chain of Taiwanese restaurants. The chips are flavoured with 5 spice, beef and Chili. They are very good ...
  3. Duvel

    Dinner 2019

    And I thought that would be the Jésus de Lyon 😉
  4. Don’t get me wrong: I am with you that the industry adds certain stabilisers to processed frying oils. I am interested in the underlying mechanisms (which for some at least are clear to me). The same for the improved frying properties of (reasonably) aged frying oil.
  5. Still sorry, but no. Not to be dismissive, but the conclusion that this paper comes to is ridiculous. Correlating a concentration to a surface monolayer is next to impossible, given the nature of the experiment. I’ll look at the mechanisms from work tomorrow where my access to primary literature is slightly better ...
  6. Thanks. If that number behind your citation refers to an original article that would be the one I’d be interested in. Nevertheless, I’ll check tomorrow PubMed and its relatives ... Sorry, but definitely not.
  7. That sounds meaningful. I’ll check that, but if anyone has a bibliographic reference available I’ll be grateful ...
  8. If you have a reference for this it would be highly appreciated !
  9. Duvel

    Cooking plain old chips

    Very well said. In my native country of Germany we have literally dozens of varieties available even at smaller supermarkets. Referring to the desired cooking properties certainly makes sense, if you know them ... https://www.asausagehastwo.com/choosing-potatoes-germany/
  10. Duvel

    Dinner 2019

    Picture perfect ...
  11. Duvel

    Grub Street Jessica Knoll

    I like the write up too ... but somehow the notion of “cold brew with almond milk” doesn’t go well with me. Must be a big city thing 😉
  12. Thank you both for your concerns 🤗 We are travelling Sri Lanka and are currently in Kandy, well away from the places of these terrible incidents. Everyone in the country is in shock, especially since the memories of the civil war, that just ended 10 years ago are still present. Our and everyone’s thought are with the victims and their relatives and friends. In Kandy security has already been exponentially increased over the course of the day and since a few hours there has been a curfew imposed. We do not know how long it will last but it seems we’ll get permission to travel to the airport tomorrow to fly out to Hong Kong ...
  13. Duvel never disappoints ! (and the beer is tasty, too 😋)
  14. Cold ... my fridge is regulated to 4oC, so I’ll be drinking Duvel just slightly warmer than that. Of course in a freshly rinsed Duvel glass ...