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  1. I think tea is considered more of a "health" drink so if you're really interested in making "tea" a success in your "coffee" shop then try different "health" teas in a variety of fruit flavors. Chamomile, lavender, jasmine, green tea … you might want to experiment with the Asian variety of tea (called "chai") that includes milk and sugar and a few spices like ginger and cardamom. Like Happy Hour, you can have a High Tea Hour - serve some tea on the house! And if you’re looking for commercial tea/coffee brewers I know just the place. I have a big family and we’ve just bought a commercial coffee machine that we all love! We usually get together on weekends to enjoy a meal and a good cup of coffee is the highlight. We've found some good coffee shop supplies on DailyCuppaCoffee. Check it out http://www.dailycuppacoffee.com/. All the best!
  2. The best way is to buy a good coffee maker instead of making it yourself. It reduces efforts and time and tastes really good!
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