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    Whole fish

    well! I am from India. According to our method, we give slight cuts across their skin, & filled them with spices & drops of lemon from above. Finally fry them deeply..
  2. It's the time to start of Winter over at India. And so, I am preparing myself a list for dishes to be prepare at winter. Anyway, I like & love Chicken more, so, I will definitely try to prepare regarding dishes more. Can anyone would share with thier unique chicken recipe's dishes..
  3. Hi! all. I tried a uique way to prepare Lassi yesterday & I am gald to say over here, it becames so yummy & delicious, that I myself only can't belive it. Firstly, I stir the ready Lassi, constantly for a few minutes, arouund 15min. Added a few drops of Apple juice in it. After mixturing it fine, added choclate powder over it, mixed it well. Then, mixes a mixture of dry fruits (powder) over it. Finally, I dropped a drops of Saffron water. Freeze prepared Lassi for few minutes. See the difference, taste the difference. Hoping, you all will sure try it..
  4. Alankar, it is nice to see a dish that is not on the standard "Indian Restaurant Menu". What are beaten rice flakes like? Are they crunchy like a breakfast cereal, or soft like cream of wheat or oatmeal? I'm from the northeastern US, New Hampshire, originally; and the seafood would definitely be the regional specialty. Most people would say lobster, and although it is tasty and delicious, I love getting fried bay scallops when I go out for seafood. In fact, fried seafood of all kinds seem to be a local specialty - clams, scallops, haddock or cod, shrimp, etc... The seafood restaurants where I live now - the Mid-Atlantic - are all about the crabs, and they don't offer fried items for the most part. HI, sorry, for being attaching with you late. These rice flakes are soft. And are prepared by pressing the wet rice and then drying it up. You just try it once!
  5. Hi, all! I am from India. We have a great local dish here, from state Maharashtra known as "Kande Pohe" for morning breakfast. Loving it. Yummy! Get this dish more delicious with a sip of hot tea. Recipe below: http://www.tarladalal.com/Kanda-Pohe-%28-Mumbai-Roadside-Recipes-%29-33444r
  6. I heard first over here, not to wash it..
  7. Lots thanks for all of your suggestions.
  8. Hi all, I am a mocktail lover. Share with your favorite mocktail name, it's prepartion methods & tips.
  9. If it's first your time, then try it for second time. It's Indian speciality to follow-up much of dishes with initial spices & I like it.
  10. Thanks. It's interesting to make some britain dish, now at home.
  11. It's something new I hear about cookies, hungry to taste frozen Cookies. .
  12. hello Chris Taylor, I mean to say, sometimes it happens, we just need a help of half of the onion, at such times, I use to keep the onion in freeze, but, then I observed some difference in taste of onion being kept in freeze.
  13. Cutted onion if kept for long hours or for a day, does any chemical reaction occurs..
  14. alankar

    Onions with ... ?

    Hi, I am from India. In India, here we have a famous quick time dish known as "Bhel". It's the combination of puffed rice (murmura), and other various sev items where we add chaat masala, to make it more tasteful. Finally, adding more and more onion cuts by mixing it well with prepared combination, make it more delicious. Have drops of lemon juice from top. Yummy.
  15. Have some different this time. It's the time to taste a royal food. Have anyone tried a Mughlai Paneer. The flavor of the herbs and spices make this dish really a ancient touch.
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