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  1. I might go to the Penn quarter and dupont circle area, so I'd like some recommendations. Thanks!
  2. I'll be at the Hampton Inn near the white house. Thanks for the tips !
  3. I won't have a car for the full stay, but I'm willing to take the subway or a taxi.
  4. As I ve never been to DC, I ll be visiting the tourist hotspots and the museums. I like all kinds of food, and I love to try foods I have never eaten. As the exchange rate between the Real (the brazillian currency) and the dollar is currently very unfavorable to brazillians, I am inclined towards the < $100 per couple meals. Thanks for your help.
  5. Host's note: this topic was split from Best place for ribs in DC? Yes, I'd love other recommendations! In what kinds of food DC excel at?
  6. I'll be in DC for the first time this October. I don't know if I've watched too many episodes of "house of Cards" but I'm really in the mood to try the kind of ribs the main character keeps eating all the time. Any recommendations?
  7. It's just the hump that's very marbled. Yes, the hump is meat with a lot of fat marbled in it. Here are a few links to pics of it: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_SBsJa5Sh8Xs/TKOEfVd293I/AAAAAAAACnc/tZ1ukxYUyKo/s320/CUPIM.jpg http://bellmartjapan.net/loja/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/detail_198_cupim-bloco.jpg http://www.br.all.biz/img/br/catalog/63890.jpeg?rrr=1
  8. If you, like me, love marbled beef, you should try a brazilian cut called cupim, it comes from the hump of zebu oxen and the good ones are marbled like grade 12 wagyu. It's delicious and costs about 1/50 of the price of wagyu.
  9. cegadede

    Octopus and cork

    Cork doesn't have any effect on octopus. It's just a cooking legend without any factual basis.
  10. The thing is I don't use wine I couldn't drink to cook, so no keeping in the fridge for me.
  11. When a recipe calls for white wine I substitute for martini extra dry (the one in the green bottle). That way I don't have to open a bottle of white wine just to use a little bit of it. Also, it makes the food taste A LOT better than using cheap white wine.
  12. Hello, I'm thinking of buying a baking steel (I'll probably get a slab of steel cut to the right dimensions by a local seller, as shipping costs to Brazil would be astronomical). The thing is: I'm on the market for a new oven as well, and I have a few questions about wich kind of oven/grill would be better for using in conjunction with a baking steel. Wich is better: a gas grill or a electric grill? Second question: every oven I've seen so far doesn't allow me to have both the oven and the grill turned on at the same time, is this a problem with the baking steel? Thanks!
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