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  1. A very sad news. I met him 3 years ago in my shop in paris then we had a dinner with his wife in a restaurant. Un grand monsieur. With all my condoleances.
  2. The Macaroons of yamazaki in Chaussée de la muette are really delicious. I remember having tasted there macaroons with saffron.
  3. My favorites macarrons can be found in Yamazaki 6 chaussée de la muette 75016 paris. I love their macaroons with saffron. Really very tasty!
  4. I have a chateau talbot 1937 wich is really in very good condition But I do not know anything about the year 1937. Was it a good year? I thank you of your answers.
  5. This pleasure was shared by I and My mother. Very friendly,I was so happy to meet all of you. And I recommend l'Auvergne Gourmande. A tasty dinner,and I am sure I'll come back in this place.
  6. Effectively It would be a great pleasure to meet you.
  7. Unfortunately yes. there's any other alternative in Paris. As for the manager of the librairie des gourments she's now chief editor of a french website http://www.boulevard-des-gourmets.com I really don't know why was that librarie closed.
  8. Unfortunately The Librairie Gourmande definitively closed one year ago. As for the librairie des Gourmets,another good reference,and situated rue monge (just in front of my business)it also closed in May 2002. I was very sorry.
  9. Please read after the dessert flowers--- "carnation" You can read more details about the cooking flower school (hotel bourbon condé) in nova magazine of july august 2003 page 20. I'm so happy because my shop has also been quoted.
  10. Try yamasaki,at the "chaussée de la muette"in the 16th district of Paris. A terrific and lovely patisserie. Here you"ll find one the best macaroons I have ever eaten in my life. I love their macarrons with green tea. The french periodic "express"wrote a few weeks ago an article in high glowing terms. I completely agree.
  11. Please read after the dessert flowers--- "carnation"
  12. As I indicated in this topic,I can describe now the interessting evening I had in the Hotel de Bourbon Condé,a few days ago. The Hotel De bourbon Condé,created in 1780,is a place managed by Catherine Hegy. This hotel is mainly a culinary institute. As it was created,its object was to promote the good way of live,"l'art de la table". I was invited last tuesday because of the opening of the first cooking flower school,unique in Paris and in the world. This invitation came from Alice Caron Lambert and Cooky Debidour who created the cooking school of flowers. Alice Caron Lambert wrote more than 500 recipes with flowers and decorated the famous Jardinerie De Galy just close to Paris. I was also received by Pierre Dominique Cecillon,a great cuisine chef. We were about 200 persons to attend the press conference of Mrs Caron Lambert,Mrs Debidour and Mr Cecillon. We were explained that there were several kinds of use concerning the flowers in the cooking. There are the flowers vegetables as chou fleur or brocoli; the flowers condiments as nasturtium: the dessert flowers as roses or canation. We were also indicated that some flowers can be toxin for the kitchen as lily of the valley. Then happened in the somptuous park a flowered cocktail. I ate a strange but tasty fondue of chrysanthemum. I enjoyed the sangria of mimosa made with essence of mimosa. But Maybe I prefered the tarts with cream of violet and rose. How was it made in order to be so delicious? We drank a lovely haut Medoc Chateau Laroze Trintaudon Year 2000,this chateau also organized this evening,and an interessting rose gosset (vieille réserve)champagne,nevertheless not enough fresh. As the meeting ended at 22h00 (it had begun at 18h),I had the time to have busy contacts and to give my visit cards,because I sell myself many flowers products or syrups. I really spent there 4 uforgettable hours et : Vive cette école de cuisine de fleurs.
  13. On next 27 th may will happen in Paris the opening,in The Hotel Bourbon Condé,of the first cooking flower school. as it is in relation with my job,I've been invited and I'll do later a report of this opening on this forum. the Hotel Bourbon Conde is situated 12 rue Monsieur in the 7h district in Paris.
  14. excuse me but it is: http://www.cityvox.com
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