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  1. 36 minutes ago, kayb said:


    I have eaten wild Canada goose, as well as snow goose. While I love wild duck, wild goose ... is pretty awful.


    N.B. I have never eaten farmed goose. Don't plan to. Don't even like the critters. Have been flogged by one, and it was not an experience I will repeat.

    I've had wild Canada goose as well... bitter awful meat.  Not going back to try it again.

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  2. Looks like it belongs next to a Philippe Starck juice spider.  https://www.independent.co.uk/property/interiors/the-secret-history-of-philippe-starcks-lemon-squeezer-1972849.html I could see it on the shelves of a Conran shop in London. With a Conran price point. Wouldn't sell at retail in the US at all, I don't think. Online orders might work.  I'd not buy it because I don't need semifunctional art in my kitchen.

  3. Make a syrup out of the thai basil and use it in cocktails.  It plays very nicely with strawberry syrup and gin. 


    The way I do it is make a simple syrup in a sauce pan, and throw as many leaves as will wilt down in the hot syrup into the pot.  Mash the leaves around a bit.  Let it cool.  Strain it. Bottle it and keep it in the fridge. 

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  4. Dude, all ales at USA room temp?  That's hard core.  In the UK, room temp is lower than here, and they keep the beer in the cellar, which keeps it around 55F... Try some ale-yeast-fermented beers at around that temperature.

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  5. On 8/22/2006 at 1:24 PM, cdh said:

    This sounds like an objective statement that can be proven or disproven quantitatively. A little gas chromatography should reveal how many different flavorful compounds are in a sample of either drink... do enough samples and you should be able to get an idea of whether the statement is true or not.


    FFS.  I said it 13 years ago, and I'll quote myself to buttress the point.  Complexity can be measured objectively.  Do the tests.  Tell us where more different compounds are identified, the wine samples or the beer samples. There, you have your answer.  All this facile "there more stuff you can put in beer, so it is more complex" vs. "nature does more stuff to the grapes so it's more complex" vs. yeast technicalities blather is getting us no place.  

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  6. 11 hours ago, jmacnaughtan said:


    I've never heard of PlastiDip - is it fairly transparent? The idea is for it to look like it's just suspended in jelly, at least with the screen lighting up and being more or less visible. It's why I'm having trouble with cling film - to get enough protection, you're sacrificing transparency.

    I've never played with the clear variety... but it does exist.  Here's their website... https://plastidip.com/our-products/plasti-dip/  I figure that a clear rubber seal around the cling film will keep the jelly out for you...  Or maybe just forget the cling film and spray a clear layer or two right on the phone... It should waterproof it... and you should be able to peel it off when you're done. 

  7. Why not get a a spray can of PlastiDip and spray a layer of rubberizer all over the cling-film wrapped phone to seal it up?  Then drop it in the gelatin. Or does it have to visibly be a phone trapped in jello for the effect you want?

  8. OP- I think your vegan friend is going to figure something out where ever you go.  If your man needs meat, picking a vegan spot is not going to work... everywhere does vegetables in some format... 


    If the meat requirement were not there, but good and interesting veg food was the thing, maybe someplace Indian like Saravanas in Curry Hill,  or Korean formal vegetarian food like at Hangawi... but you're not going to   hit both "must serve meat" and "good for vegans" at either of those simultaneously.

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  9. 2 hours ago, eugenep said:

    hmmm...ok but Geisha is a varietal and it's primacy is indisputable


    So...if varietal doesn't matter, then I guess you wouldn't believe that Geisha is any better than other varietals of Arabica 



    Geisha is a novelty.  It is different, and it is rare.  That's why it is expensive.  Would I want to drink it every day if I could get it for $8/lb?  I don't think so. There... I've disputed its primacy. 

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  10. That looks like an agricultural recommendation.  It's like a chart that says Riesling is a great wine grape when planted beside rivers.  Fine as far as it goes, but misleading in the extreme if you expect exceptional wine when Riesling vines are planted next to the Cuyahoga.  

  11. Define "best". You need to figure out what you like.  Generally anything offered by a specialty green coffee seller is going to be far above the commodity grade stuff where "is it robusta", "does it taste bad" are not questions that should be on the radar.  The importers do cuppings and only things without appreciable faults get bid on.  Whether you _like_ the flavor of a typical Sumatra or Costa Rica coffee is another question. 

  12. 28 minutes ago, Nyleve Baar said:

    During a trip to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam we tried snake - as sausage and just grilled - and grilled rat (or mouse, I'm not sure). The rat was much better than the snake. The snake sausage was the worst. We were on an evening food tour in a market town. I wouldn't bother seeking out either rat or snake again but at least I've done it once.



    Vegetarians are tastier than carnivores? 

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