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  1. Coffee maker it's the must have if you are a coffee fan.
  2. I don't know that. Thanks for explanation, every day I learning something.
  3. I prefer tea then coffee. If you want start bar, prepare to do some nice iced tea.
  4. Why? Is there any particular reason?
  5. Anybody still make this homemade vaermouth?
  6. Wow, website looks very good - nice design. Recipes on this site looks even better ;D Thanks, for useful website.
  7. Recently see in the supermarket MGD and price is too high.
  8. I'm also never tried this chamapagne style beer, and I never see this in the store.
  9. donaldosborne78

    Sweeter Beers

    Cherry Sam Adams and Hard Ciders. Hard Ciders is like apple cider and is pretty good.
  10. Hehe, PIG FAT, better to not know about those thinks - "Ignorance is bliss"
  11. Teachat.com is good. There a lot of useful knowledge about tea, if you looking for something specific use google query: "site:teachat.com keyword" and you will find your answers.
  12. I use a timer to brewing black tea when I want a particular taste and properties from that tea. 3 minutes = refreshing tea; 5 minutes = relaxing tea.
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