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  1. sweetstoyou

    Potato Salad

    Hi There, I have a quickie for potato salad(kinda)...grate skinned potatoes and soak them in salt water for sometimes. Chop onions, coriander leaves and green chilies in small pieces. Soak water out of these, do the chopping just before you are going to serve. Deep fry the shredded onions in lot of oil(preferably olive oil). Add the chopped vegetables, pinch of salt and ground black pepper. Toss it and you have a quickie in your hands. Hope this would help, Mahek
  2. Hi There, Heres a lil solution to your prob, whenevr you are making sabudana khichdi and want to add potatoes, try to saute the diced potatoes with a pinch of salt. And then add boiled sabudana and potatoes together with the spices. And you will get an amazing sabudana khichdi. Hope this would help :-)
  3. Hi Merkinz, I will tell you what I do. I make a dry dough of the flour, and then make flat chapatis, and then add a little flour to dry it. Then I cut it off in desired shapes. The water needs to have a teaspoon of oil before you boil the pasta strands and the pasta never sticks. Hope this would help, Mahek
  4. sweetstoyou

    The Egg Sandwich

    Hi There, In India(kolkata) we have a egg-sandwich...which is popularly known as egg roll where in u stuff the egg and cook the cornflower bread. Its a very popular snack.
  5. Hi there, Rajma chawal is also my favourite. And next time you gonna cook Rajma...fry a little cumin seeds(jeera) and the rajma will taste different yet delicious.
  6. Hi There, The secret sauce in Aloo-Gobhi is to saute the chopped potatoes and cauliflower with a pinch of salt separtely. And then add all the spices at once with tomatoes, and then make them cook till soft. It will taste like heaven. Hope this would help
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