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  1. Rotuts, do you use it on Induction stove ? I still cant find anything like this in Switzerland. May be I will use service like www.myus.com to buy at amazon.com and ship over here. Rustem.
  2. Hello all ! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel The idea of liuzhou of portable induction cooker may solve all my problems. If the theory "why food sticks" of Keith_W is correct, the induction must be the best technology for wok as it transfers energy directly to wok via electro-magnetic field. It seems to be dozens of different models of portable induction cookers available! There are even special models for woks with round bottom (!), look here: http://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?__mk_de_DE=%C3%85M%C3%85Z%C3%95%C3%91&url=search-alias%3Dkitchen&field-keywords=Induktionstischwok Though, they all seems to be able to reach max temperature of 240-250 degrees Celsius (I guess it is safety measure), will it be enough ? Which would YOU buy regular induction cooker with flat surface (they are cheaper) + flat-bottom wok or one of these fancy ones with round surface ? I tend to like cheap version with flat surface as these fancy things could be just marketing bullshit but in fact they work exactly as cheaper models. What power do you think I would need more is better ? 3000 Watts will be sufficient I think ? Do you think I will be able to season wok properly on induction cooker ? Rustem
  3. Dear Gfweb you just gave me an idea ! I have knew new about "portable induction cookers". I quickly looked on internet and they seems to be affordable. What kind of wok is needed for this type of cooker ? Flat-bottom obviously, but cast iron or carbon steel ? Rustem Just look at it: My meat would GLUE to the wok in the same situation ! What kind wok is she using ? It is carbon steel, int it ?
  4. Dear Nasi_Campur I think my English is not good enough to understand the meaning of your message. What do you mean ? Thank you.
  5. Dear Keith_W Thank you very much for your very informative answer. There are indeed 2 opinion about wok on electrical stove – some says “forget it”, others says it is perfectly doable. This is why I posted link to the video – this man clearly cooks on electrical stove using carbon steel wok (as confirmed by nickrey). So I thought if I can get non-sticking wok I also can do it. Well, it won’t be authentic wok technic, but at least I will be able to archive some good approximation.
  6. Dear Liuzhou Can you tell me what is model of your ferro-selenium wok ? Can it be found on internet ? BTW, do you cook on electrical ?
  7. Forget it, here in Switzerland customer rights non-existent, it is almost impossible to return anything back to the shop (especially if it was already used, or simply opened). In fact I am so angry with with wok that I want to throw it away !
  8. Hello all, My name in Rustem, I live in Switzerland. I was reading this forum for few of years (well, mostly watching photos in “chinese eats at home” topic and getting salivation:). I like Chinese food, especially stir-fry and I want to cook it at home. I have electrical stove with ceramic surface and after reading internet and reviews I went to a shop and bought an expensive BODUM CAST IRON WOK K0810. I followed every word of user manual. Though, every time I cook something it sticks to the surface at the bottom (chicken, meet, noodles – everything, except vegetables), burns and forms a layer of burned staff which is hard to remove. I am very disappointed because this wok has the “special one-layer coating which is a mixture of glass and porcelain” and supposed to be non-stick (ot it is just a marketing bullshit ?). I noticed that inside surface of my wok is not smooth, but with little bumps (I believe it is called “coarse surface”) - could it be a reason why food sticks to it ? Another problem that no matter for how long I pre-heat wok, it starts with very good temperature (oil is smoking), but loses it quickly so food is not fried but steamed and I believe it is mostly because of layer of burned staff at the bottom which blocks the heat. Can somebody help me to understand what I am doing wrong? Jest to let you know: - I use maximum heat setting on my stove. Though, stove is too “smart” and turns off heating element periodically, I cannot control it. But I don't think temperature is the problem as wok is hot enough to smoke the oil. - I pre-heat for 10 min dry wok until it is hot (it is a heavy wok and it takes time to heat it !), then add oil and wait few seconds until it starts smoking. - then add ingredients such garlic and ginger (almost every recipe starts with them) and they immediately stick to the bottom and burn !! If I add meat before , it sticks too. Please help me. I really want to archive the results of this video: As you can see nothing stick to his wok, not even noodles ! Do you think it is doable with my current wok and stove ? Should I buy new wok ? Which one ? Thank you Rustem.