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  1. ok, have just completed my second attempt. I have dough all over me, the kitchen worktop, the walls and the floor. I kept to same recipe as above except that I made a larger batch and used my bread machine on the dough setting to knead the dough. A dough rest of one hour was incorporated into the dough setting. Temperature of the bread machine whilst proving was unknown but I would guess 20+ degrees or more. I was able to work the dough this time and started to pull some noodles. However the dough remained short and ripped very easily. Therefore, no usable noodles were made. I noticed that commercial noodles have potassium carbonate in them and some also contain sodium carbonate. I am not sure though that I wish to add a lot of chemicals to the dough. However, I may try a different approach. On the basis that the Chinese have been making wheat noodles for 2000+ years, I will try batch three using Spelt. An older form of wheat may have different properties more suitable for making noodles.
  2. I have just tried the kleinebre method as above. I used 10.3% and 12.1% protein flour in a 50:50 blend with cold water in a 5 part flour to 3 part water ratio. I added a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. The dough was gently mixed and left to stand for 12 hours in a bowl covered with plastic film wrap. Unfortunately the resultant dough was very short. After a lengthy period of kneading it was still very short. When pulled even very gently, the dough ripped. Furthermore, the dough had a very unappetising 'enzyme' aroma. I will try again and keep you posted.
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