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  1. I like looking for good food around when I'm out with my girl friends. Our criteria for good food is where food priced below RM25 with quiet, cozy environment for us to chit-chat a bit on our current issues. I personally feels that food is something light to start off our conversation and keep us contented. Lunch in restaurants come with a good price with lunch set and complimentary drinks and cakes. Sipping tea with my girls is something I'm looking forward every weekends.
  2. i dip virtually ANYTHING into my nutella.. ahh seeing your posts makes me drool over my laptop..
  3. http://voices.yahoo.com/top-five-healthier-chips-3179163.html?cat=51 u may refer to this link. Too bad they dont have this in Malaysia as I'm also a chip addict. It's like my energy supply everytime I feel empty stomach. I know it's not healthy but i just couldnt resist them!
  4. orangeong2

    Potato Chips!

    is it from Art and Mary's? ahh I can finish a bag of chips while watching movie. Its like programmed into my mind and i kept going until the whole pack is gone! P=
  5. I tried McD happy meal in germany and they came with salad! We dont have it here in Malaysia... it makes mcd looked so healthy. For Mcd in Thailand, they have samurai burger (pork) and prawn burger in Japan. Why we dont have it here in Malaysia T.T
  6. those chillies are bought from Malaysia?
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