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  1. Labor rates are similar here in Portland, OR. Not really any better than when I was in San Francisco.
  2. Thanks, this is helpful. I was already really interested in BlueStar before this salesman. And was impressed by everything he showed me. RE: the bacon. I find oven bacon to be much easier to be even and consistent. Overnight sous-vide bacon is pretty good too but a bit more involved (I like to crisp it up on both sides on the stove in the morning).
  3. I realize it's subjective. I'm for your subjective opinions on ranges and hoods (let's just assume the hoods are properly powered, installed and vented).
  4. Hi, I recently visited a local appliance store to look at gas ranges and hoods. I currently have a low-end 30" Samsung gas range and a ducted hood which doesn't do a good job with smoke or grease. It will hold up a piece of paper successfully, but the smoke detector goes off any time I'm cooking bacon or roasting anything in the oven or cooking with high heat on the cooktop. So I went in to the appliance store nearby and the guy recommended Vent-a-hood. He demonstrated how quiet they are, how easy they are to clean, and claimed they are way more effective. In fact he had a 1 track mind, and didn't think there were any other hoods worth looking at. Same for ranges. He showed me the Blue Star ranges and said that there's no comparison. Other high-end appliances like Wolf, etc can't sear a steak as well. He even said that people's complaints of Blue Star not being able to get very low was incorrect and demonstrated putting a piece of paper on a burner on low and it didn't burn. He claimed that the cast-iron is easy to clean (my wife doesn't believe him on this). I do think both of these products are impressive, but I want to know what others think. I want to hear why he's might be wrong and/or are there other products that are just as good?
  5. Yep, I'm familiar with those. I was just curious about them using this. Most likely because they are working with really small vegetables. But most things I can think of for this purpose wouldn't hold up to the heat. But maybe either they don't care or, the amount of time is so short that it's not an issue.
  6. How does a tamis differ from a sieve? Any good recommended brands/models that would stand up to the heat?
  7. Ah, yea. So I guess tamis are ok on top of high heat?
  8. I was looking at this video: Inside Noma | WIRED as well as Episode 5 of Ugly Delicious on Netflix. And was curious about the different grills at Noma as well as this thing they use to BBQ vegetables in. Is that a sieve or is it some custom made thing? Also is that rectangular grill a custom built grill?
  9. That's true of Mexico. But different Spanish speaking countries have different words. For example, in Chile they call avocados "paltas". I also remember seeing on Alton Brown's Good Eats show I learned of a drink called babine which they describe as a beer like beverage made from avocado leaves. Searching the internet just leads to a circle of information for people asking how to do it. No answers.
  10. Hi Paul, I'm new to this hydrocolloid stuff. Can you tell me what effect the combination of xanthan and gelatin result in versus say gelatin on it's own?
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