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  1. I think there's no need for too many choices. It makes it easier for guests and bartenders if there are just two or three cocktails (assuming beer and wine are also available). And anything that avoids lines at the bar (batched drinks, punch) is a good idea. If there's a full bar, people just end up ordering vodka and soda anyway, unless this is a really sophisticated crowd.
  2. I recently designed a cocktail program for a restaurant where the staff didn't necessarily have cocktail skills, and had a lot to do at once: everything was batched, pre-diluted and chilled, so there was nothing to mess up: just pour and garnish! A few other drinks were just bubbly/soda and a mixer. I had a sample glass with lines taped on it for where to pour each ingredient to. I could see the same thing working really well for a wedding! (I also used shrub or wine for the sour ingredient so there's no juicing or spoilage). I was really happy with the results. Or punch. what's more festive than punch?
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