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  1. CDM uses Polly O Gold curds which is Polly O's top of the line curd. Not sure about Fairway.
  2. Why would you object to being limited to choosing a wine from the pairing list? (The same limitation applied to those getting pairings.) I think the more interesting question is whether they'll sell you individual glasses of wine. As of now, the stated choice is between pairings and nothing. There are no per-glass or per-bottle prices stated anywhere. ← I guess you're not yet a regular.
  3. Why? Receiving special treatment is entirely a different issue than expecting (or feeling entitled to) special treatment. ← But I'd bet that when the special treatment never comes or stops, the "regulars" opt to be regulars elsewhere.
  4. I think it is pretty ironic that everyone saying they don't expect special treatment is getting special treatment. And how many places are you a "regular" where you don't get special treatment? And Daisy17, how many bars are you a regular at where you don't receive buy-backs?
  5. word. ← I'm not sure I can say this any better than you all have - I agree with you entirely. When the bartenders at my favorite cocktail places buy back a round for me or spend time letting me taste new things I am always delighted and flattered, and my appreciation is sincere. I do not, EVER, think that they owe me this in any way. All I can really "expect" is to have a well-made cocktail, just like the guy sitting next to me. ← I think part of FG's point is that when they stop doing that, you'll find a different place to drink. So in effect, you are expecting it.
  6. I'm surprised since I have never experienced that there. Do you go other than track season? Track season would not be a justification, but it would be an explanation as Saratoga gets crazy and stressed out then. I prefer the town at any other time of year. ← Never been other than track season. Yes, I understand the stress level goes way up in August but have always been treated great at Chez Sophie, Springwater Bistro, Wine Bar and even Sergio's. Had very pleasant servers this week at Hatties and PJ's.
  7. Yes, Mrs. Londons has great stuff but after several years of very rude service, I have sworn never to go back.
  8. One more place that surprisingly gets little or no mention. The Flash Inn is located a short 10 minute walk across the Macombs Dam Bridge in Manhattan. An Italian restaurant in business since 1937, they serve dependable Italian food in a nice room. Very hospitable service as well. And how's this for a quick comparison: I went to the Yankee game this past Thursday afternoon with some clients. I bought 4 large Heinekins, 4 hot dogs, a large bag of popcorn and a bag of peanuts. It cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $75.00. The following night, we had dinner for 4 at the Flash Inn which included 2 Italian salads (easily fed 4), Grilled Smoked Mozzarella with Shrimp as a starter, 4 entrees and 4 drinks (beer & wine) for $150 all in. Plus we had a nice roundtrip walk over the bridge.
  9. Our favorite Italian is Siena in Stamford. We usually stick to the pastas with meat (duck ragu, sausage, rabbit, etc) and they have been uniformly good. Seafood starters have been good as well, especially octopus in whatever variation they happen to be serving it on a particular night. For comparison purposes, Siena, Columbus Park Trattoria and Mona Lisa, are all currently superior to Ferrante.
  10. I should have clarified, yes, more in Greenwich. Terra comes to mind and of course Valbella. There was a fair amount of it going on at Ferrante. As Seinfeld would say, "Who are these people?"
  11. New Italian in Stamford that typifies Fairfield County dining. Nice space, lots of kissing on both cheeks, an owner that everyone seems to know from a previous venture with a terrific wine list and an enticing menu. The owner here is Lenny Lorando, ex-head waiter at Nello in NYC, famous for receiving a $16,000 tip one night. But it is mediocre at best and quite expensive. Wine service is a joke. They raise expectations with nice decanters but then plop the decanter in different locations (first on our table, then on the table behind us, then with Dick Cheney in a secret undisclosed location). Starter of seared sea scallops with aged balsamic vinegar with shredded endive in a non-descript vinaigrette was 4 smallish sea scallops seared well but mushy (probably wet scallops) with an ordinary balsamic vinegar on top. Endive was sort of soggy. Then, Snapper Livornese included a droopy, sad filet in a satisfactory sauce. Also, Papardelle Bolognese which was way too tomatoey (should be a word if it isn't), Spaghetti Carbonara that had almost no bacon flavor and some other pasta that was so unmemorable I don't remember what it was. The place is packed and everybody seems to be saying "If this dinner just cost us $225, it must have been good." It wasn't.
  12. One has to wonder why you didn't write about your feeling about GT under Colicchio before today.
  13. I'll ask again, how can this be enforced? Are inspectors going to be running around checking the contents of deep fryers? Are they going to be testing cookies, pies and cakes?
  14. I believe the real impetus for this was the change in management at the hotel. When Ducasse signed up the Essex House was a Starwood property. Now it isn't. No surprise that he is going to the St. Regis, another Starwood property.
  15. I can't believe no one has yet mentioned Don Peppe's in South Ozone Park. Pretty much the restaurant that Carmines was modeled after. Was just there and four people had a lot of food (salad, pasta, veal parm and Chicken Scarp) for somewhere in the neighborhood of $75. Sure, the wine sucks and it is cash only but the Southern Italian food is very good.
  16. The new restaurant run by the Match folks will be located a few doors down from Bobby Valentine's on Main Street.
  17. I've become a big fan of Siena. In the last year to year and a half they have really stepped up the food. Their specials typically have a few unique items that usually deliver. Just a few weeks ago they had perfectly prepared fried smelts. Sure, fried smelts aren't a big deal but when was the last time you saw them on a menu in Fairfield County.
  18. Im not sure if you know yet but Wish in Stamford went out of business last week.
  19. Went last night and had the Shrimp and Chinese Chive Pan Fried Dumplings, Steamed Seafood Dumplings, 4 Mushroom and Corn Dumplings and the Crabmeat and Pork Soup Dumplings. The 1st 3 were beautiful to look at and were perfectly cooked. The skins were very thin and held the ingredients well. One problem. All but the Soup Dumplings were lacking flavor and were desperate for salt. The Soup Dumplings were the only ones where we said, "Wow." Also had the ribs which were clearly not reheated but also weren't packing much flavor. Everyone was looking for more sauce. Then on to General Tso, Dry Sauteed String Beans and Vegetable Fried Rice. All fine but nothing that Grand Sichuan can't do with equal results.
  20. Springwater Bistro!!!!
  21. Rich, where are you planning to go this season? It is Springwater Bistro again for me, at least for one meal. P.S. Don't enter any of horses against The Green Monkey!!
  22. Yikes, and racing season is just beginning. Would make a bit more sense if they ran out on Saturday night of Travers Weekend.
  23. sammy


    This is simply not true. I have eaten at Roberto's, Dominick's and Mario's and neither one of those compare with food at Rao's.
  24. Siena on Summer Street. Much better than Applausi. Sit at the bar and have Pepe take care of you. Make sure to get their Cavatelli with Hot and Sweet Sausage Ragu or Chitarra with Duck Ragu.
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