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  1. If you search "Longest life expectancy" by country, you will find many countries with long life expectancy are also locations where lots of MSG are consumed.


    If there is really a connection between MSG and a greater life expectancy then it has been dealt an unfair hand. For some reason, everytime MSG has come up in a conversation, people end up linking it with cancer! :blink:

  2. With all the pure MSG that naturally forms on aged parmesan cheese, you'd expect people to have not only a Chinese Restaurant syndrome but also an Italian Pizzeria syndrome - yet no such thing has ever been heard of. MSG has been studied extensively and is considered mostly harmless when not consumed in excess. However, it should be noted that MSG, like salt, does contain sodium and therefore its intake should be kept limited. Total sodium intake should ideally stay below 2400 mg per day for an adult.

    Whether the MSG is to blame for your elevated heart rate, I can't tell. After all: fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, fermented red bean curds... They're great ways to add flavour to food, all hugely popular in Asia, and all have a very high salt content. It may well be that many of the effects attributed to MSG are really to blame on salt.

    Aah that makes a lot of sense! I did not notice this before however i have felt my heart rate elevate when I have consumed soya sauce as well. So it is entirely possible that the high sodium content is the reason why I feel that way after having consumed it.

  3. I am right now in Bangkok, loved the review up there! Here are a couple of restaurants that I have frequented:

    Riverside Terrace: In the Anantara Riverside Resort & Spa. Try out there Asian delights, Carvery corner and BBQ

    Indian Host: On Sukhumvit 22. Chicken malai kabab, Mutton kabuli raan and Mutton authority are some of the best dishes I have had there.

    Blue Elephant: On Sathorn road. Was most impressed with their Crab curry with beetle leaves, Yum Ma Kuer Doi Kham and Plah Koong Avocado

    Enoteca: On Sukhumvit 27. Best known for Tortelloni filled with Pigeon Gravy on Roasted Pigeon Breast and Veal Cheek Braised in Red Wine

    Gianni: On Ploenchit road. Try their Wagyu Beef Silver Blade.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Greetings guys!

    Karl Spencer here. I am an avid foodie and have been traveling for the past 6 years. I have spent the last 4 in India, traveling the country in width; loved the diversity there! Right now I am in Thailand and have noticed a substantially higher amount of MSG in the food here. Now don't get me wrong I simply love Thai food and will settle for some Pad Thai anytime, however I have also noticed that consuming MSG tends to elevate my heartrate and I am left feeling flushed and exhausted.

    I have, like most people (I imagine) heard conflicting reviews about MSG, some say its downright harmful, others say its just hogwash and nothing happens if you take it in, while others have said its alright if you consume it in very little quantities. This is mostly from people who are talking what they heard from hearsay, are there any persons here who have an informed opinion on the matter.


    Kind Regards

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