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  1. Saw a link and ad for this knife http://www.aplusrstore.com/product.php?id=689 today. Claims to last 25 years before sharpening (5x ceramic and 300x steel) and is made from titanium carbide fused onto steel. Have any of the resident knife geeks tried one out yet? For $225 if it never needs to be sharpened, it should sell very well.
  2. At the risk of discouraging gadget purchasing, couldn't you just buy a little flashlight? (or buy the new Canon 5D and shoot at 25,600 ISO)
  3. I've lived in CA for 3 years and still can taste their Banh Mi. Almost worth a trip back for a sandwich.
  4. The naming split is essentially an Eastern US v. Western US think. The left names are the eastern and the right is the west.
  5. Fabulous ingredient, except it would cause my wife to croak, which is rarely my objective with dinner. Anything I could use to give that roundness of flavor without using shrimp?
  6. GA has rather antiquated policies regarding alcohol returns, so the policy could be an accommodation of those rules that was just explained poorly.
  7. Not in S.F., but there is apparently a place in San Jose that gets good reviews http://www.yelp.com/biz/hIfQgmYTfz5T2q7qFJuq9g just reviewed in the Mercury News http://www.mercurynews.com/search/ci_5621455?nclick_check=1
  8. davidthomas8779

    Dinner! 2007

    Friday's dinner. Chorizo, manila clams, and choy sum. Served it with rice to sop up the juice
  9. My wife and kids can't eat wheat, rye, or barley. I love dumplings and would like to make them at home, but can't buy dumpling skins commercially b/c they're all made with wheat. Does anyone have a good recipe for non-wheat dumpling skins?
  10. I've never used anything but a wide-mouthed juice glassAnd now that I've finally edited my profile to point out my proper current location, I feel a need to point out that prior to 18 months ago, I lived in Virginia and Georgia for 28 years and therefore know more about biscuits than the average Northern Californian.
  11. do you shore-fish or fish from a boat? If a charter boat, do you have a recommendation? I want to take my kids fishing (or you could take us )
  12. Nobody has yet pointed out the most important thing for a newcomer to know about living in Georgia. You can't buy booze on Sunday, liquor is only sold in liquor stores, although you can buy beer and wine in the grocery store, you can't buy alcohol to take home with you on Sunday (after noon on Sunday, you can buy alcohol in a restaurant to consume in that restaurant.) Nothing was a worse feeling than a Sunday of unpacking boxes only to realize that I couldn't buy a six pack and sit in my garage drinking beer and breaking down boxes to recycle.* Perhaps it was a worse feeling when I went to t
  13. Last weekend I paid 1.29 per lb for gorgeous tasty cherries in San Francisco Chinatown. This weekend, I paid 2.99 at the Mountain View, CA farmers' market.
  14. Madame Gifted Gourmet - If we could limit the cuisine to some specifics, I could provide some off-the-beaten-path input. As great as they are, I feel there are better places than Fat Matt's and Tamarind for candidates for their categories. I don't remember visiting Watershed. I wanted to nominate "The Varsity" to outdo Rachel Ray, but then I also expressed my wishes for Thomas Keller to copy the old Red Barn motif at his new burger joint. The finest Mexican food I've had anywhere, including California and the border area into Texas, is Nueva Laredo Cantina on Chattahoochie St. in NW Atlan
  15. Absolutely wait until you happen to walk past one . . . and then keep walking past it.
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