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  1. Can you expand on this? I've never heard of alkalized cocoa mass. Interesting... Cocoa mass is chrushed cocoa beans.. the crushing releases the cocoa butter in it. Cocoa powder is obtained by squeezing this cocoa mass and removing the cocoa butter. For chocolates they dont do that (not always), they only need to add more sugar, milk powder and a few other indgredients. The cocoa mass is sterilized using steam at a particular pressure and temp usually 120 deg C, if the steam used here has a alkaline added to it, its alkalized cocoa mass from which alkalized cocoa powder is pressed. I was fortunate enough to spend a month as a intern in a chocolate factory.
  2. I cant comment so much on the various effects on the recipies that the dutch process can have but as a food technologist I know dutch process. Its where, in simple words, the cocoa mass is treated with a base. The extend of dutch process is the concentration of alkali with which it is treated. usually being 2%, 4% and sometimes 6%. What the process does is that it brings out the flavours in the cocoa and nutralizes the astringic flavours in it. Also as far as i know most of the chocolates use alkalized cocoa mass although cocoa powder is available as both. All it might do is bring down the acidity of the final product. Also I guess the alkalized cocoa powder has a better solubility in water. so if its drinking chocolate, its most probably dutch processed.
  3. Hey, a new member here. I too would love to tryout the recipie. could you please pm it to me too! thanks1
  4. Looks like its probably ganache made with a higher concentration of white chocolate and a bit of glucose syrup for thickening. Heated and poured over the cake? BTW, first post here so hello everybody!
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