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  1. I've tried roasting them but also found them insanely hard to peel after. For the last two years I've ended up boiling them after crossing for 10 minutes. If you leave them in the liquid to cool down and then peel (keep them in the water), the peeling experience is passable. I use this for puree, which is a divine side to any meat.
  2. ahpadt

    Sous Vide Turkey

    I've tried the chefsteps temps for both breasts and legs for several years in a row now. Highly recommended. Prior to bagging, I brine for a couple of hours. I finish in a pan with duck fat.
  3. Anyone with any knowledge of what's happening with Chris Cosentino's offal book?
  4. ahpadt

    Liquid smoke

    Colgins is fine in my experience.
  5. Enjoyed the first episode quite a lot. Not exactly much cooking going on, but the story being told is fascinating nontheless.
  6. It's amazing how much love and attention can go into the content of a book, yet people forget about the quality of the actual binding itself.... While beautiful, the MC books are imo way too large and unwieldy.
  7. 70c for 6-8 hours should turn out quite nice. I typically do that with deboned, halved turkey thighs for Christmas. The meat comes out tender, but with a slightly flaky texture.
  8. ahpadt

    Xanthan Gum

    When using xanthan gum I always try to use an immersion blender. Haven't had any issues with it.
  9. Vouch for Sat Bains' book. I also really like Manresa. The most recent book by Rene Redzepi is also really cool, particularly the journal.
  10. It turned out quite well. The meat had a flaky texture, but was still just about firm enough so that I was able to slice the meat with a knife. Not sure if I would want to cook it much longer than this. The skin crisped up really nicely in the pan.
  11. I cured some deboned, halved turkey thighs and drumsticks in salt, whole pepper, coriander seeds and star anise for 8 hours. Then cooked with duck fat at 70c for ~12-13h. Don't know how it'll turn out yet, but the idea is for it to have a kinda braised texture. This is my first time cooking something sous-vide for this long.
  12. ahpadt

    Dinner 2014 (Part 7)

    Asparagus should only be eaten from April-June. Outside that time slot they taste horrible.
  13. http://notesfromakitchen.com/home.php Anyone who's bought a volume from this series? It looks pretty interesting, but too expensive to buy without knowing it's really good.
  14. ahpadt

    Rack of pork

    Are you referring to the ribs or a french-trimmed loin on the bone?
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