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  1. Yes, they are per diem rates.
  2. Ugh. Work for a pretty big company. Up until recently, they used to simply assign a meal cap for the day which was usually $55. During a trip to DC, I could usually get away with free continental breakfast at the hotel in the AM, a small salad or something for lunch and go to Morton's or some expensive place and blow the rest of the cap on a REALLY good dinner. Now, they've wised up and they place caps on each meal (eg. $10 for breakfast, $10 for lunch and $35 for dinner). By doing this, you're pretty much forced to go to mid-range restaurants for dinner
  3. Amen to this. I once made lasagna and realized that we were going to have LOTS of leftovers if we didn't add more warm bodies to the table. I invited some friends over and one of them actually asked, "Is it prego or ragu sauce?" Being a new dad, I don't always have time to make sauce from scratch and I said, "it's not prego or ragu but it is a pre-prepared sauce I got from Costco". She thought about it, then said, "ok I don't like those but I'll come to dinner anyway." Soooo... now here I am serving dinner to someone who's already decided she won't like the meal. *gah*
  4. I kinda sorta agree with you. I also think she focuses quite a bit too much on vegetarian issues. Not to say that its bad but many of the questions she picks for the regular chats are vegetarian-related and she already has specially-scheduled hours for "those" people one thursday every month. Sietsma's chats are always great. I know people often complain about seeing the same questions appear over and over again. I believe the repetitiveness of the chats (eg, what's a great place near the white house for a party of 4?) is because the Live Online features don't have a dedicated search engine
  5. Dude, you just gave away the secret to THE best cheesesteak in the region. My wife and I were turned on to Pudges by a friend of ours who brought one of their hoagies to a get-together. The hoagie was just perfectly balanced with meats, lettuce, onions, oil and tomatoes. The cheesesteaks are just the same. There's a true balance that they achieve. It's FULL of meat, but it's not the crispy burnt steak-ummish stuff. It's real steak with just the right amount of real cheese.
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