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  1. Anyone been lately? Any do-not-miss plates? Got me some reservations tomorrow night!
  2. I may have twittered over some gnocchi there once.
  3. Al_Dente

    Rabbit newbie

    Hi Ejebud-- you wouldn't happen to be this person, would you? I wish I had thought of this...
  4. Has to be a regular eGer, right? Anyone? ← Probably Hillvalley now that she's 30.
  5. Can't seem to find a website for this place. Does anyone know what their market's hours are on Sundays? I'm making Bouillabaisse for fifteen peeps and I need the freshest stuff I can find.
  6. Perhaps Schneider's could order it as well. Schneider's Rum List
  7. Nervousness is one of the first symptoms of mad cow's disease!
  8. Has anyone ever been here? If it has at least average Indian fare, I'll go. But, given that it's on the Hill, I'm skeptical.
  9. Al_Dente

    Bad Home Cookin'

    My mother made a bean and sausage stew. It was kind of a 70's Americanized version of cassoulet. It would have been fairly decent if it wasn't for the "special ingredient"-- ketchup, and lots of it.
  10. Montmartre!!! Only about 5 or 6 blocks away. Edited to cover up my poor French skills.
  11. I've always like Donna's for a casual afternoon meal. They're in the Mount Vernon section of Baltimore which has a nice historic feel, plus there's the lewd statue (when viewed from certain angles) of an impressive George Washington. Good sandwiches, salads, soups, decent wines by the glass. Donna's
  12. Don't let it. You're the customer. And if you're in French restaurant in the U.S. or U.K., just translate it into English: "I'll have the frog's thighs, please." In France just point to the menu item and say "ceci". Smile warmly, they'll smile back. ← Is there a French wine pronounciation guide out there somewhere? I must apologize in advance to all you sumMAHlyerz for when I come to your restaurant and attempt to order the GevREE ShamBERTin. What can I say? I'm a rube.
  13. Thank you! Or shall I say, "mercy buckups"? I am terribly French challenged. Whenever I'm in a French restaurant I get stage fright when it's time to order. I think to myself, "is that "t" or "s" at the end pronounced?" Drives me nuts.
  14. I can't imagine it's any different than what it was back at the top of this thread.
  15. Does anyone know anything about Las Palomas? I'm looking for a place to stay for 3 nights near the end of March. The restaurants will be outta food by the time I'm through with them.
  16. Everything they serve there is over-cooked, over-sauced, and not so fresh.
  17. Al, Got two cast iron pans, a brick, and some aluminum foil? ← Yes. And I have two turntables and a microphone.
  18. I'm having some folks over for the Super Bowl and I thought it would be a fun concept to have a DIY Panini Feast. I'll get my hands on a variety of great bread, cold cuts, cheeses, various pickled items, roasted veggies, etc. etc. My guests can assemble their own sandwich, and I'll take care of it from there. Problem: I don't have a sandwich press, and I'm not interested in purchasing yet another kitchen gadget that I'll only use once in a blue moon. But I do have a big gas grill with heavy grates. What if I were to heat up the grates, throw some sandwiches on one side of the grill and then lift the hot grates from the other side of the grill and put them on top of the sandwiches for a minute or two? Think it'll work?
  19. I'm off to NM for a week's vacation in March. Thanks for whetting my appetite!
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