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  1. HI guys, I'm here for a bit of advice. We are building a house (in Croatia, Europe), and finally have a chance to build a kitchen as i want it We would like to get a professional combi oven, something like this new Rational (a bit pricey) or this UNOX (better price) so that we have a long term solution for our needs. The reason we are going for the professional oven is that, for example UNOX, is cheaper than "home combi ovens" from brands like Miele, Gaggenau, etc. and are much better than those. Does anyone have any experience with pro combis at home? i have only seen a couple of people, at least on the internet, that have them at home. I guess that setup would not be a problem, because we designed a water inlet and outlet for the oven, and the voltage is OK. is there anything we didnt think of? Will that oven have higher maintananace cost, even if its used only couple of days a week? Thanks for help P
  2. Hi Bill, did you buy the oven in the end? I am also considering to buy it, since im building a whole new kitchen, I dont have the problem of plumbing etc. My concern is the maintanance of the beast? Does it require a service like every year or some simmilar interval? Thanks, P
  3. I can get my hands on stainless for free so i was wondering is it as good as the A36? Has anyone tried?
  4. I was wondering has anyone tried to make the MC baking steel out of stainless steel (316)? I know most of home made ones are from A36 steel, and guys at pizzamaking.com tried the copper ones as well. I know they have the same thermal properties, do you think the stainless steel would be as good as the A36 one?
  5. Mine is here ) Now i just have to dig out my Under pressure copy and finally try that rabbit and bacon presse
  6. I must say that it's the best looking SV circulatorso far. And the data for HACCP is a great thing, does the polyscience have that?
  7. For those who did not order the unit, here is the email we got from Anova with some information about the unit 2. What devices will the Precision Cooker work with? We’re going to deliver an SDK that will allow developers to develop apps for both Android and iOS devices. We’re primarily going to rely on our developer community to develop apps for the Precision Cooker, but we’re also working on a basic app that will be available for both Android and iOS devices. 6. Will the precision cooker work in Australia and the UK? Yes. We’re providing full support for 220V and 240V units. International Units will be compatible 220V-240V. 8. Does the unit have a warranty? Yes! The Precision Cooker will have a one-year parts and labor warranty. If there is a problem with the unit, we will cover parts and labor, and will return shipment. Please note, however, the Hacker Special beta units do not come with a warranty. Other questions are mostly about shipping so i did not include them What interests me the most is: did they change the "hardware" a lot. Because the previous unit was great in performacne. I hope the lower retail price is just because of the plastic casing and no touch screen, the rest was great just the way it was...
  8. If the unit is as good as the fisrt model, it more than worth the money (especialy if you get it for 99$ ) The thing that closed the deal for me is free shipping wordwide, because i went trough hell and back to get it here in Croatia (anova does not ship to Croatia)
  9. The prototype of the device exists, the review is in the first post. I've backed up several kickstarter products so far, and the only bad experience was when product was not finished on time (teo months later) i think that anova woulh have a lot of law suits if the final product is different than advertised. Not to mention their reputation. This is just a way to get investors. Why invest yourself, when you can find others to do i for you
  10. The kickstarter campaign is going like crazy, when I ordered ( 30 mins a go) there were 200 backers and 28000 pledged. Now they are up to 88 k...
  11. Hello, This is my first post here, and it happens to be about new precision cooker from Anova. I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here it is. what do you think? http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/new-anova-precision-cooker-best-cheapest-sous-vide-circulator-on-the-market.html it seems that they have made very good improvements. the kickstarter campaign has started, so I got my name on the founders club list P
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