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  1. 12 hours ago, gfweb said:

    Counter with 15" clearance under a cabinet that covers half of the oven ?

    15 inches of room under the cabinet. Annova would have to be half under the cabinet with one inch clearance, half not. Would the upper cabinet be destroyed';

  2. @TdeV

    BTW, I have friends that have used the freestanding Elfa units for fish tanks. The oven would be fine. 
    I have a counter with a cabinet at 15 inches.. and it would half cover.. You aren't seeing damage to the cabinet?


  3. 1 hour ago, TdeV said:

    Ha! I see, Sherry, that you have been around eGullet longer than I have. 🤣

    I came about a year before annova came out with their sous vide. I had a kickstarter gadget. I read a ton, but don't post much. I appreciate you all for being more active!

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  4. I have been thinking of buying this ...

    I would have to put it on an Elfa shelving system
    It would have to replace my Breville convection oven - older model.
    I worry a new version will be announced soon

    I welcome some advice/comment. 

  5. I have gotten organic yellow corn from Amazon and i just ordered some blue and organic white from the Roveyseed.com. They supply the tortillaria in queens, NY and they are very nice people. The idea to use the ultra pride came from this thread! I got a used one for $95 and shipping on Ebay. The friend who is teaching me is from Mexico. Her mom, who still runs her farm in Mexico, was in New York and came to my place  for a quesadilla dinner and wanted to know why we would ever use masa harina, when we could make it ourselves. I took it as a challenge. Cece has guided me and says the texture is spot on and our tortillas taste like Mexico.

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  6. After reading this in a couple of other threads, I finally bought an ultra pride. Tonight we made fresh masa and it came out amazingly smooth and perfect. We make tortillas and quesadillas at least once a week. Homemade Masa tastes so much better than Masa flour.


    thank you for the idea!!  Now that I have the machine, I'm going to look into making dosa 


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