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  1. I believe there is a corn recipe and it works well
  2. I am loving my oven. If it ever breaks I am immediately getting another one. It has completely change the way I cook, and I feel no need to have either a toaster or a microwave because this does everything better Albeit slower. I got it on April 30 and ANOVA just refunded me an extra 20% off to take advantage of the sale. These people are amazing. Who has the chamber vacuum and it is it worth it?
  3. Has anyone here tried and had success with soft shell crab in the APO? Ideas please.
  4. my cat's haven't noticed it, but it has been closed I will be careful not to open it lest they take ownership
  5. Guys I’m in Manhattan and I am about to toss my Anova box and inserts. If anybody actually wants them, I am happy to give them away, and if you provide a label I’ll even ship them. I live in an apartment and while I am blessed to have closet space, It has better uses. And I am certain I am keeping the oven It looks like anova figures out boxes when there is a warranty exchange.
  6. I read the earlier posts and understood Starting with 1 rack and 3 mats to see if I ever dehydrate anything after the first time.
  7. Trying out rack and mats. Thanks everyone!
  8. Has anyone put together a list of the best accessories? What about the Anova branded steel and perforated pan?
  9. Oh I hate kale! Maybe that’s why I’m willing to drag home gallons of distilled water!
  10. I was moved by the post that somebody found a little bit of Flora growing in their tank. I think it’s two bucks a gallon for distilled water around here so in an over abundance of caution I think I’ll use it. But I agree I’ve never had to descale a coffee maker Tonight I use their recipe for French onion soup etc. used for homemade chicken stock I had in my freezer instead of beef stock It was so good it was almost reason enough to have the oven
  11. So basically, what I'm hearing is, yes Manhattan is very low, but it doesn't hurt to play it safe and pick up some distilled water. The sous vide bagged chicken came out great. I'm going to figure out an actual meal to cook tonight. My kid in College just laid claim to our toaster oven and Blue Tooth Anova cooker
  12. Now that I look it is getting a little foggy in there
  13. I took the plunge Inspired by both the fact that I have moved and have a better place for the oven, and the Mother’s Day sale. It is on my counter chugging away but I’m a little worried because I don’t see steam on the sous vide mode I usually use bagged sous vide To make cat food that is sterilized But not raw. I want to keep using the bags because it’s An incredibly simple way to cook the chicken without mess and only open the bags when it’s time to grind the chicken bones liver and hearts I’m cooking at 140°F for an hour and a half. How do I know the steam function is working? Also how important is distilled water. We live in New York City where the water Is pillow soft. Until the move, I kept an aquarium and Had to boost GH hardness to keep the plants happy. This is Catskill mountain water and doesn’t have much in it.
  14. Come to think of it, my original Breville had to be replaced also.Come to think of it, my original Breville had to be replaced also.
  15. It does give me pause how many are being returned
  16. I’ve been a member but I mostly lurk. You’ve been more active. How did the APO break? So basically a small microwave, which one? And a toaster and this thing and I’m set I’ve been on the fence with this for a long time, it seems the move may be a good excuse. Do you have a picture of yours in the wild? I’m still trying to imagine how big it will feel
  17. Moving into a new apartment. I can buy a microwave and update my 12-year-old Breville toaster oven, or I can buy an APO. Thoughts?
  18. 15 inches of room under the cabinet. Annova would have to be half under the cabinet with one inch clearance, half not. Would the upper cabinet be destroyed';
  19. @TdeV BTW, I have friends that have used the freestanding Elfa units for fish tanks. The oven would be fine. I have a counter with a cabinet at 15 inches.. and it would half cover.. You aren't seeing damage to the cabinet?
  20. I came about a year before annova came out with their sous vide. I had a kickstarter gadget. I read a ton, but don't post much. I appreciate you all for being more active!
  21. I have a shelving unit, so it's anchored to the wall in a bunch of spots. Elfa guesses it holds 100lbs per foot.
  22. I have been thinking of buying this ... I would have to put it on an Elfa shelving system It would have to replace my Breville convection oven - older model. I worry a new version will be announced soon I welcome some advice/comment.
  23. I have gotten organic yellow corn from Amazon and i just ordered some blue and organic white from the Roveyseed.com. They supply the tortillaria in queens, NY and they are very nice people. The idea to use the ultra pride came from this thread! I got a used one for $95 and shipping on Ebay. The friend who is teaching me is from Mexico. Her mom, who still runs her farm in Mexico, was in New York and came to my place for a quesadilla dinner and wanted to know why we would ever use masa harina, when we could make it ourselves. I took it as a challenge. Cece has guided me and says the texture is spot on and our tortillas taste like Mexico.
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