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  1. I agree with Scott on this, however, I think the lamb was Cornish Perhaps Basil can tell us what is so special about Cornish lamb? The desserts were a let down for me, I just felt that with all the effort that had gone into the starters and mains, the puds were a complete cop-out. The only thing missing from the trolley was a Black Forest Gateux! Bits Mr. F forgot. Bread - 2 slices each of white, brown and bright red tomato bread, good unsalted butter. With our trolley dolly desserts we were given 2 tiny cakes each. We skipped tea, thanks to Simons warning of no fresh mint, but were given some PF's of mini macaroons and slightly salty fudge.
  2. Go gentle with our Andy. And make sure he can have some take out beer for the journey home.
  3. I'm glad I posted this.
  4. In fairness I always tell them to order game. I think that the 'quaintness' of the place goes down well.
  5. Cheers for that Charlene. I've always been slightly intrigued by Rules, but whenever I've looked in the window, it seems to be full of tourists. I used to always send visiting Americans and Japanese there and they loved it. I think I'll give it a swerve myself To serve bad Foie is unforgivable
  6. I'll second Winots comments about the lassi - the perfect cooler. The grilled meats are fantastic, and the good thing is you can order as many or as few as you like. Don't forget it is BYO (no charge) If you take wine with you, make sure you take a corkscrew.
  7. Got this email from equinox A tragedy struck one of the servers from Equinox Restaurant; on Thursday, May 8th, Med Nadifi was in a near fatal car accident. He has been in a coma since then and in critical condition at G.W. hospital. Med, like so many of our fellow "hospitalians", has no health insurance. The need to raise money quickly for Med is urgent. His family's resources are stretched very thin. He needs constant and continuous care. The staff of Equinox invites you to a fundraiser brunch on June 8th from 1 ? 4pm. We encourage you to stop by, grab a bite and offer support to his family and friends. There will be an unbelievable silent auction, live music, plenty of great food and it is free ? bring friends! Please represent the hospitality industry of which Med has been a part of since he was 14 years old and make a donation for Med. Anything you can afford be it $1.00 or $50.00 anything will help. June 8th from 1 - 4pm: Equinox Restaurant 818 Connecticut Ave NW Please RSVP to 202-331-8118 or Frernge@aol.com Many thanks - Ellen, Todd and the staff of Equinox
  8. Welcome to Egullet Martin. Are you UK based?
  9. The Good Samaritan just a few steps away.
  10. Not sky line I know, but the veiws of Hyde Park from Foliage can be pretty nice. Food is great too.
  11. I always use a 50/50 mix of good lard and butter when making shortcrust pastry, it gives it a really crisp finish. I generally don't use it for sweet pastry though.
  12. I'm with Jon on this. Generally in Europe they are farmed. In fact, we are off to Symi (weeny Greek Island) on Sunday, and they have a farm about 2 miles off land. It generally keeps the small island going when it is not tourist season. The islanders say that it has not had a bad effect on the local ecology, it has instead rejuvinated the sponge that grows locally which was nearly wiped out in the early 1900's, So farmed Seabass is having a positive presence in the food chain. ahhhhh.... I've not seen any dolphins in the Dodeconese, so I'm not sure if they are getting trapped in the fence wires.
  13. Call me common, but I always found that the burgers in Ebbits were quite good. Generally always cooked to order with good sides. Atlantic cafe @ 17/I were good, as was the Eye Street Grill.
  14. mmmm.....so you'll be rushing back then? I'd have been crying - just think what you could have spent £110.00 on in London - that's at least half a pair of shooes
  15. Hi Simon, What is your long term plan? Ta.
  16. Had the pleasure of dining at NT last night with Scott and the brothers Grim - sorry - Majumdar It was a protein fest and I can confirm reports that Simon was seen intaking some carbs by way of the fabulous breads that NT offers. We managed to put away 3 sizzling platters of lamb chops, chicken, more lamb in cubes, those hot as hell little kebab things and some dhals. The bill came to £46.00 - FOR THE TABLE Where else in London can you eat such fantastic food for that price?
  17. The Glasshouse, or Le Trompette, or Putney Bridge (can't quite work out what you mean by "close") EDIT - Just noticed my avatar munching above me - Andy loves it
  18. BA seem to have taken this issue on board, as with all flights within Europe they generally issue you with a packed lunch. A sandwich and drink. Scott says that a BLT he had on a Paris London flight last year was his best ever sky meal
  19. Oh My This is a joke yeah
  20. The fat bloke must have been Chris Biggins I couldn't reach the floor either - felt a bit like Ronnie Corbett
  21. I went at the end of last year, and in March of this year. Last year I had a herb broth to start and a lamb shoulder dish which came with roasted root vegetables which was very good. Puddings were weak, I didn't bother. In March I had a spiced pork belly dish with Red Chard. Pork belly was delicious and fatty, but the chard was bitter and stringy. The bread in Moro is delcious Service is hit and miss, when they bring the food out, they hover round the edge of the table waiting for you to claim your dish. Both lunches were business, but quite informal. Be aware the dining room is very noisy, not suited for romance Let us know what you think.
  22. Gary, That sounds fantastic Thank you. SF.
  23. No Ferraris, but quite a lot of abstract paintings of nude women......... I'll leave the foodie bits to Him Who Must Be Obeyed
  24. Couldn't agree more!! Probably sounds better in its original language:raz:
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