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  1. Here I am in Manassas, after a rainy, mishap-filled drive. Looks like we'll be eating at Tony's NY PizzaTony's New York Pizza, not too far from here. Will let you know how it goes!
  2. Radiohead is playing at the Nissan Pavillion May 11th. I'll be staying at the Country Inn & Suites & Manassas, while the show itself will be in Bristow at 7:30. I know nothing of the area, but my husband and I are looking for something on the casual side, with great food and decent wine. Bistro-ish, if you will. Any suggestions?
  3. chianti, grazie mille! TarteTatin, it's not really the same area. Myrtle Beach is down in South Carolina, OBX is in the North. I'm on a funky connection right now, or else I'd try a search on MB! You'll do best to keep searching in the Southern Board.
  4. Hey G- this really sucks. Your attitude doesn't, and that's a big help. I'm married to a man who was diagnosed end stage twice, in as many years. He's still married to me, and we live in interesting times. Life is an opera. I think you've got the chops. Best, shelley
  5. So whats the word s'kat? You finally make it to Meridian 42 this year? Red sky? I saw the pics on your blog from the Currituck BBQ Co. Any good? I have always been of the opinion that OBX BBQ, basically, sucks. The little place in Corolla Village is not bad. The other places, eh. Congats on the new gig with the paper. But give us the s'kat lowdown on your vacation. We will be heading for Whalehead soon and want to hear what's up in the hood. ← I'm getting ready for a final meal tonight, then we're packin' up and heading home late. Alas, no Meridian 42 once again, though I rallied for it. We did hit Bad Bean Taqueria, and were less than impressed... especially when both the husband and I experienced quite extreme gastric distress later that afternoon. On the plus side, we had another good experience at the Blue Point, and tried out a new little Italian-American joint called Gabriella's. It's located on the soundside of Timbuktu, way back at water's edge. It's sandwiched in between mini-golf and the go-carts. The menu is way basic, and guaranteed to appeal to most any family that comes traipsing through. That said, we had pizza that was among the best we've tasted down here. I had the margharita, which had a slightly sweet sauce that was tempered by a sprinkling of red pepper flakes. The mozz was fresh and gooey, the tomatoes were freshly sliced, and the basil was recently minced. Dave had the superonni, which is double cheese/pepperonni. Again, good on both counts. Good for lunches after a morning of shopping. Other than that, we had repeated awesome experiences at the Roadside Cafe. We went back three times to taste the best BLT that has ever crossed our lips. The bacon was Smithfield, the lettuce was crisp, the tomato was ripe and the bread was focaccia. The real secret to it was the aioli. Billed as roasted garlic, it held a hue very similar to a somewhat-pale Cheese Whiz. We begged the cook to let us know what was in it- he wouldn't agree, at first, then decided to play a game: if we could guess 4 of the 9 ingredients (excluding the garlic), he'd share it with us. We gave 5 to the waitress, who came back shaking her head, holding out our ticket: he'd scratched off all but one (cayenne). We played this game a couple more times before giving up. We'd hoped for one more chance to barter with him, but the traffic was a bit much this Saturday afternoon. Enough rambling! At any rate, we've got Chef Wes from the Red Sky Cafe coming over to cook dinner for us. We did this last year, and had a great time. He'll be here in about ten minutes, so I"m going to sign off for now. I'll be updating my blog (most likely tomorrow and some of Monday), so you can see the deets and pics then. Or, I'll still be uploading to my flickrflickr page... more later, peeps!
  6. I'm going back down next week. Anything new in Duck/Corrolla/CLight?
  7. Dude, do not even get me started! I've been very vocal for several years about wanting to go there, but between family, traffic, etc., it simply has not worked out. I've recently been considering renting a boat and creeping up soundside. We'd avoid traffic, and hey, sailing is fun for the whole family, right? *crossing fingers*
  8. Well peeps, I just returned from my yearly beach vacation at Duck. Blue Point: They've just re-opened from a months-long renovation project that has doubled the seating. While the same vibe is still evident, it's a bit more polished in looks. I've mentioned my distaste for them previously, but have worked to overcome it. Thankfully. While not everything was perfect (dry chicken breast on teh panzanella salad, flavourless swordfish), other dishes were extremely well done. The beef tenderloin was definitely worth the hefty price tag; the cornmeal crusted catfish was excellent, as was the accompanying jambalaya. And now I see that their meatloaf and mashed 'taters are justifiably famous. Save room for dessert, especially the warm pecan tart and rhubarb (and strawberry?) crumble. Red Sky Cafe: I've been a fan for years, and the food is still consistent. Recently, Wes has begun doing a chef-on-the-go deal. He came to (my family's) cottage with all the ingredients, prepped dinner, served it to us, and cleaned it all up. Very fun, especially if it means avoiding the inevitable traffic tie-up down in Duck. Metropolis: I really liked this the first year. The second year was a bit less exciting. This year, it was definitely, "meh". There were a few good things, but nothing mind blowing. I came out of there with the feeling like focus had been lost. New on the radar: The Bad Bean Taqueria. I noticed the sign down in the shops across from Food Lion (where Grouper's is). Rumour has it the chef used to be at Left Bank, and finally decided to go off on his own. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to eat there this year. That's all I got for ya!
  9. My husband has told me about Floyd for years- he used to watch him when he was younger, and was a very big influence upon catching his interest in cooking today. I'd never heard of him before. I was never able to find any of the episodes available on DVD, but just recently, saw a few shows on the Travel Channel. Apparently, much later than the eGullet folk! At any rate- why is there no further information on him? Why is there no way to get his old episodes? Why can't I get a current Floyd fix?!? I'm watching him in Umbria right now, and just love him. The enthusiasm. The cheerful chatter. The wine-drinking. I want more.
  10. If barbecue is your thing, try Three Lil' Pigs, in the Troutville area. I did a little write-up of it here.
  11. Just for future reference, I'd heartily NOT recommend the Trellis. Marcel has been riding on his reputation for too many years, and the locals know it.
  12. As soon as I heard them say that last night, I flashed on a blog I've been following called, "Kuidaore". I think this is what they were saying? At any rate, I'm so glad Tony's back! I taped both shows, and will be watching them over the next couple of nights.
  13. It's been some time since I've visited this thread, but I'm still an avid food blog reader. Current favourites include: Brownie Points, Mona's Apple, Orangette, and Kuidaroe.
  14. Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I was just informed last night that my husband and I are now set up to go to the Blue Point with my sister-in-law and her husband. I protested greatly, but to no avail. Fudge.
  15. Great info.. I leave for Duck in three days.
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