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  1. Noriyuki Hamada--Restaurant Yukawatan is an amazing book from a japanese/french chef that did well at the last Bocuse d'Or. Beautiful photography and nice articles from the Masui/Haughton dream team. YAM--Yannick Alleno Magazine is a nifty little humanitarian project that makes his recipes accessible without forking over 100 or so euros for Ma Cuisine Francaise, or more for Quatre Saisons and 101 Creations if you can even find them. I think many would be better served by stepping back and checking out the re-releases of the Ducasse and Robuchon Grand Livres as well.
  2. By the way, those Ambai pans and lids look super cool. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I've bought stuff from Rakuten recently. Hasn't been a problem, though I'd imagine that it might depend on the individual seller that you ultimately deal with. But all of the purchases have just been click-->wait for merchant to make offer on shipping-->approve/deny--> get stuff pretty quickly. Japan Post EMS is pretty magical.
  4. more alleno dishes . . . .
  5. One can view examples in this video.
  6. You should store the fish more respectfully,
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