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  1. Heat transfer might be an issue, but I think that on longer cooks using a relatively thin plate it wont make a lot of difference. HDPE is High Density PE, but how do I recognize that its HD, I only seem to find ones labeled just PE... Think that will do the trick without killing me in the long term? :-P Food containers seem to soften to easily (when I cook IN them at least) Wont that make it taste metallic? I think he/she wants the side of the breast with the skin to lay flat while cooking. I dont know if it will stay flat once cooked but my post above should do what was asked. Just to improve the process, make the searing part easier. Also I like to keep the period of time in the pan as short as possible to avoid overcooking. THIS! Thats what Im looking to do, only using something a bit bigger and square, as to fit an entire duck breast on it
  2. Im looking for a flat and hard surface to include in the bag when making duck breast etc so that when I apply vacuum the fatty skin side turns perfectly flat. And of course, in turn, makes the perfect contact surface for pan searing that skin. The most easily accessible material for me would be a smaller PE-plastics cutting board, as theyre available everywhere. However I cant find any info on wether this is safe, regarding the temperatures applied in SV. Any thoughts, suggestions?
  3. Food safety question: Does adding a slice of raw lemon to a bag of chicken breast reduce the amount of time it will last in the fridge after SVing? (doing cook->chill)
  4. I'm a bit late to the party, and just recently discovered this gem of an app. I see from the above that I am not the first to post this, - but will there be support for frozen food (and/or is the app still being supported/updated?)
  5. Thanks, that cut is still untested by me, so I'll put it on my list! I'm not completely clears as to what you mean by perfect rewarming (whats imperfect rewarming?). For me, I just find the whole process of chilling in iced baths and then maybe freezing the bags afterwards a bit time consuming for everyday dinners. Although I tend to make chicken breasts in batches like this, since I eat a lot of them. I try to keep my cork-pulling limited during the week, but I see your point ;-) Added! Thanks, I can see that you understand my beef (pun intended) with cook-chilling. Ill definetly try this recipe soon. It's funny that several of you mention pork belly, as I have one swimming around in a baggie right now. It's been in for 35h@63,5C and will be consumed within the hour. This one is marinated in ginger and soy, and will be glazed in a similar style glaze before consumption. I'm a student during the rest of the year, so I'm sort of doing just that. ;-) Thanks alot! Thank you for the kind words, and input! I suspect that's gonna be hard to come by around here, but I had some in Croatia last summer and it was sublime. Chicken breast for that long? I usually give them around 2 hours. If I put them in the water straight from the freezer, at a temp like 62C do you suppose they will keep from turning into complete mush?
  6. Recently I've come to a point where I'm having trouble coming up with good ideas for SV-cooking that aligns with my work schedule, resulting in very late dinners*. Of course there is the cook-chill route, but I find that quite a hassle, and adding unecessary steps to my cooking. Although, I absolutely enjoy cooking, and I'm not looking for simple recipes to speed up my days. I'm simply searching for some new, schedule friendly recipes to refresh my dinner game. So - to the point at hand - has anybody got any recipes they would like to recommend that fits in with 8-hour cooking times (in the water while I'm at work), 16-hour (before i go to bed) or maybe 24-hour ones (just swap the bag for todays dinner with one for tomorrow). Any input is greatly appreciated! Marius * Here in Norway, it's customary to eat dinner straigth after work (If my English should be sub-par, corrections are welcome as I will be taking a class later this year and want to brush up before that)
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