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  1. Just a simple question to all my friends. On an average how many cups of tea do you have generally in a day? I have Six . What's yours?
  2. Well, so now, you have one of the best qualities of tea from an of the best suppliers possible. Will you loosely store it in a cupboard full of spices or maybe the refrigerate (you think that is a great idea?). You may be wrong. Here are some tips for proper tea storage: · First and foremost, never buy tea in bulk unless you are the shopkeeper or a whole seller. If you are a family unit and want to buy tea for yourself or for your family, restrict yourselves to smaller quantities. This will ensure freshness and retainment of aroma · Many of us think that if we keep stuff in the refrigerator, it will be fresh and intact! But tea will prove you wrong. The last place you want to store your tea is in the fridge. This is because a typical fridge has many food items inside and tea can absorb all sorts of flavors and aroma. Also, the moisture inside the fridge is really bad for the freshness of the tea · If at all you are buying from a tea supplier in your area, make sure he/she has stirred the tea properly in an airtight container on a dark shelf. This is because light and air is bad things for the tea. It loses its aroma and freshness · At all times, keep it away from moisture other than actually brewing it. Tea leaves tend to absorb the moisture quickly and it will spoil the taste and the texture Just make sure you take good care of your tea so that you can enjoy it to the fullest!
  3. Once again I am back with an interesting poll... Coffee or tea? Reply....
  4. Actually I am quite habitual to take views of my friends like you and on last poll friends responded well. So here come another poll from my side. At what time of the day you needed the tea most?
  5. The question is regarding type of tea. Whether its sweet tea, iced tea, oolong tea, black tea or green tea.....I think now you got my point.
  6. Which is the popular tea in CA that most of the people prefer to drink?
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