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  1. Popular tea

    Just a simple question to all my friends. On an average how many cups of tea do you have generally in a day? I have Six . What's yours?
  2. Popular tea

    Once again I am back with an interesting poll... Coffee or tea? Reply....
  3. Ginger Tea..My favorite....
  4. Popular tea

    Actually I am quite habitual to take views of my friends like you and on last poll friends responded well. So here come another poll from my side. At what time of the day you needed the tea most?
  5. Popular tea

    The question is regarding type of tea. Whether its sweet tea, iced tea, oolong tea, black tea or green tea.....I think now you got my point.
  6. Your Favorite Teas

    Cinnamon Tea
  7. Popular tea

    Which is the popular tea in CA that most of the people prefer to drink?