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  1. How about just any camp stove (I do not know what is available/common in the USA) and a griddle pan? That is, if you want to cook on gas. You should be able to get a griddle pan that has ribs on one side and is flat on the other side.
  2. Maybe use the time to perfect your flat breads, by using a cast iron skillet on the stove
  3. Plenty of options for flat bread. You can look for unleavened (not using yeast) or leavened. Have a look at https://www.kingarthurflour.com/ and https://barbecuebible.com/2013/02/18/bread/ Personally, for flat breads, I just mix and match, generally looking for 60% hydration (60 gr water per 100 gr flour), and some salt. Knead, and divide in portions. Reast for 10 minutes or so, roll out and either rest or bake straight away. For baking, you can use a (pre heated) cast iron skillet, with or without lid. I normally use with. Don't walk away to far as they only n
  4. Another idea.... Look into making flat breads etc. Takes hardly any time, and there is nothing like some fresh chapati, pita or even pizza while camping
  5. I forgot..... The mention of tofu brings it up: Tempeh (or timpeh). Deep fried and with sweet soy and chili's (tempeh goreng). I will choose it over a meat dish anytime
  6. Hummous and egg plant dip made out of roasted eggplant with olive oil and basil And vegetable stir fry. @Tri2Cook: How about a thai cucumber salad with soy sauce instead of fish sauce Corn on the cob sounds good to me. I don't like butter on it.
  7. I use this contraption: It's originally meant for potjies (sort of South African Dutch oven), but it works good for stir frying and also doubles as a small braai... It's in use for making kebabs here: I think it measures something like 35 x 35 cm
  8. Looks like you did well and the food doesn't look bad at all! Just some random thoughts: If the weather gets hot, it helps to put a wet towel or other cloth over your cool box to help keep it cool (evaporative cooling) The idea mentioned somewhere above of freezing your water is a very good one! Try to get some jaffle makers (think they are called pie irons in the USA). Great for toasted sandwiches, left over stew pie etc etc and good fun I have a little foldable tripod that came with my dutch oven. It works a dream when cooking over wood fire. A
  9. Where do you buy your charcoal? Just a quick google gives me 18 Euro for 10 kg bag at praxis (restaurant quality?) or 5 kg weber charcoal for 8 Euro..... (also at praxis)
  10. nasi goreng


    Goat meat is populair in Africa. In fact, every time you order mutton curry, you most likely get goat. I like goat ....
  11. I shall never again take out meat from the freezer without reading the label and assuming they are pork chops. Defrosted the lot, ready to cook, to find that the bag contains chopped up pork fat to use for my next sausage making attempt (and the bag was labelled)
  12. No hunting for me, athough I have bought licenses for friends who love to hunt, on the condition that I get the meat.... Fishing, definitely Mostly catch and release on the species that I feel are declining, but I won't say no to some freshly caught bream. And fishing on holiday.... Last holiday was in Thailand and I caught some nice king mackerel, squid and plenty species that I don't even know the name of They all tasted good!
  13. They look like our indeginous egg plants, but obviously they aren't. I'll see if I can find them in my seed catalogue
  14. I still prefer paper books, especially for cook books, photography books etc. BUT they are difficult to get here, the choice is very limited and they are hugely expensive, so most books I buy are ebooks and I put them on my laptop, kindle and android. I prefer to read the normal books and cookbooks without pictures on my kindle, the ones with lots of pics on the android tablet and I use the laptop to convert them all into pdf files and print out the recipes I like (so I can make notes, additional comments, conversions into metric etc etc). There are a couple of cook books that I own on kind
  15. It's a toss up between me and my dad. My mam was a competent cook, but didn't enjoy it much. My dad cooked in the weekends and during holidays and when he retired he did all the cooking. My mam made a mean hachee though, as well as a white bean dish! My brother can cook if he wants to, which is not too ofter. My dad grew up in the east indies and when everyone in holland was still living on potatoes, boiled veges and a piece of meat, we ate rice, pasta, potatoes etc etc. I liked spending time with my dad, so suppose thats were I picked up my love for cooking (esp SE Asian food). My mam passed
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