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  1. Chili Pepper Identification

    They look like our indeginous egg plants, but obviously they aren't. I'll see if I can find them in my seed catalogue
  2. I still prefer paper books, especially for cook books, photography books etc. BUT they are difficult to get here, the choice is very limited and they are hugely expensive, so most books I buy are ebooks and I put them on my laptop, kindle and android. I prefer to read the normal books and cookbooks without pictures on my kindle, the ones with lots of pics on the android tablet and I use the laptop to convert them all into pdf files and print out the recipes I like (so I can make notes, additional comments, conversions into metric etc etc). There are a couple of cook books that I own on kindle and of which I bought the paper version in a later stage. These are mainly the reference books. Having said that: Ebooks are absolutely ideal for travelling! And I like the option to change the font (as my eye sight isn't getting any better either)
  3. Best Cook in Your Family

    It's a toss up between me and my dad. My mam was a competent cook, but didn't enjoy it much. My dad cooked in the weekends and during holidays and when he retired he did all the cooking. My mam made a mean hachee though, as well as a white bean dish! My brother can cook if he wants to, which is not too ofter. My dad grew up in the east indies and when everyone in holland was still living on potatoes, boiled veges and a piece of meat, we ate rice, pasta, potatoes etc etc. I liked spending time with my dad, so suppose thats were I picked up my love for cooking (esp SE Asian food). My mam passed a way quite a while ago. My dad is in his eighties now, lives on his own and still cooks for himself eveyday
  4. You could dry them, and then use them for thai red curry, Or process in the kitchen machine, or blender or pestle and mortar and freeze in ice cube trays. Nice handy portions whenever you need them. Or freeze them whole, Or, and thats my favourite, make them into a nice sambal (chili paste). Check this link for some good ideas: http://asiancook.eu/indonesian/sambalans. My favourites are sambal badjak and sambal goreng :-)
  5. Help identify this green chili

    Looks like Thai or bird's eye chili's to me as well. I got some in the garden. They vary very much in heat depending on the season. I've been told that they get hotter if you let them get close to wilting point during the fruit formation. At the moment they are hot and longer than usual as we are in the rainy season. In fhe dry, they are hotter and much much smaller. I use them cut up in a variety of dishes, but also make them into sambal badjak
  6. sorry for the ignorant question: but... what are lunchables? I'm based in Zambia, southern africa, and I have never heard of them, neither do I remember anything like it from the Netherlands (the country were I grew up)
  7. Popular tea

    2 to 3, but from a stone beer mug, so that equates to about 1 to 1.5 ltr per day, sometimes more. I drink all types of tea, from the cheap tea bags, to a special mix designed by my grandma to green tea. I don't drink a lot of coffee anymore. I used to and it never gave me any problems. But were I live now, people mainly drink instant coffee and I don't care for the taste.