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  1. But the short answer is I don't think there's anything approaching the level of the NY places. Best to do something else...
  2. APDC and Joe Beef are actually sort of casual Bistro-ey, so you might want to actually do something else. Maybe not though...
  3. Mikado's easily better than Maiko I'd say.
  4. You Snowdon lovers baffle me...
  5. Norman's is the best high end and has been for a long time, you can get a good idea of whether you'd be interested in it by visitng their website at normans.com. Also, some say Chef Allen's has gone downhill, but I was there recently and it had improved and was back to challenging Norman's, Azul and the few other consensus top places.
  6. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but the Per Se website is up now and serves as a site for all the Keller restaurants.
  7. You're right. So what is your point? For the record I agree that we don't really need something like Spoon, if in fact the food there is nothing too special, but I don't see how a place like ADNY wouldn't add something to the Montreal dining scene.
  8. I'd just as soon forget that if you think it's a real measure of the wuality of their respective food.
  9. I'm almost positive it's going to be a Spoon...
  10. No, I've heard the same thing, I think it's true.
  11. I know it's actually in Berkeley and some don't like it, but does Chez Panisse not merit any mention? Still, from what I know and as many have said Fifth Floor and Danko are the two to look at for the best meal in San Francisco.
  12. It's supposedly somewhat cheaper than Queue de Cheval and the meat is aged for slightly less time I believe, but I hear the menu and concept are otherwise relatively similar to Queue, just a slight step below.
  13. Haha...should have mentioned actually that I liked the look of the still developing wine list in terms of both selection and prices. And, again, I agree they should be proud of what they're doing there and I plan to come back. Also the tasting menu as cheekycook said includes the pre-dessert which was the egg shell with avocado puree described above by Patrice when I was there and a full dessert, I'm with Lesley though two full desserts might be nice especially considering Patrice is a co-owner, but maybe that will be an option in the future. As for prices, the apps were $8-11 for veggie opt
  14. I recently had the opportunity to eat at Les Chevres with my wife and another couple and unfortunately I did not find it as spectacular as cheekycook and calgarymarmitons. First, the decor is great, I love the look and I love the seperate pastry kitchen. Second, the service was very good for a place that just opened. Now on to the important part, the food. My foie gras starter was excellent, one of the best I've had and my wife's artichoke starter was very good as well, a very promising start to the meal. My main course magret, however, was just alright, nothing special. It was a very ge
  15. Chazzy


    I waited 30 minutes on a Saturday night awhile ago, worth the wait though.
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