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  1. Chez56

    Sous Vide Beets

    The reason behind the Sous Vide Beets is volume, storage, shelf life etc. The amount of liquid required to braise them in the Oven is so much more than sous vide. I'm doing about 30 #s of beets a week and I also make a stock with all of the trimmings, a little orange juice, vinegar, herbs, olive oil etc. and add to the bag. The size i have braised in the past has been tennis ball size. (for Weinoo) It is so nice to ice bath and stack after sous vide and not have to peel, cut, strain each batch. I guess I will go back to the old method.
  2. Chez56

    Sous Vide Beets

    I have been playing around with beets sous vide. I have seen a lot of different times for them ranging from 45 mins at185 f or 85 C I have increased the temp to 188 F and held for one hour dropped it to 187 F for another hour and finished it at 185 F for the last hour and still they are a little too al dente for most peoples taste. This is way beyond the 45 mins I have seen posted for most recipes. I have peeled and cut the beets into 1/2 inch cubes, heated water on top of the stove and plunged the bags into them before submersing them into the bath and started the original temp in the circulator to about 196 F to adjust for the temp loss when dropping the units in. Not overfilling the bags, maybe some more than one layer, liquid in bags at about one third volume and still no great results. I usually braise them in a oven, covered in cold liquid for about 3 hours whole beets and they come out tender. Any suggestions? Thank you
  3. Tried 3 approaches tonight Mussels in a curry broth, with 70% vacuum, 60%, & 50% vacuum. I bagged and sousvideed immediately in 200 degrees F for 15 mins. They all opened up in the bags tried the 50% and the 70% tasted great, plump & full of flavor. The 50% allowed more room for expansion of the shells. I ice bathed the 60% and it immediatel shrunk back down and the shells looked like they had not opened at all. I am going to try a reheat tomorrow in about 200f and see how they held up. (Weedy )Cooking over high heat also dries out the shellfish, especially if you are preoccupied with other things going on at the time so they can get overcooked. this was a great way to retain all those natural juices.
  4. Has anyone tried to Sous vide live shellfish in a broth etc? I know that you would have to pull a lesser vacuum on this to allow the shells to open, I was thinking probably in the range of 50% to 60% and you would have to sous vide immediately to avoid suffucation of the shellfish, but you could possibly hold a couple hours for pick up at lower temp. I am thinking about possibly clams or mussels. Would love to know if anyone has tried this. Thank you
  5. Has anyone bought any equipment from Chef Essentials? I was just on their site and happened to notice they have the Sammic SV 310 S listed for less than $1,700 when everywhere else is in the low $3,000 to over $4,000 range. I asked online chat WTF and they said it was a new line for them, but he assured me he could sell it at that price. Most of their other products are not far off from the norm, but all of the Sammic line is rediculously underpriced. I'm sure it's a reel them in sort of scam none the less.
  6. Has anyone used the LEM Meat grinders? I have been using the attachment on my Hobart mixer 20QT, but it does not quite do the job as weel as I would like. IE: clogging of some of the holes, not uniform grind etc. I'm not sure if this is due to sloppy tolerances of the die plates and blade or not. I always chill the grinder and make sure the meat is cold usually start off on a 3/4 die and go down to a 3/16. I'm curious if the commercial grinders are any better with this? I have been looking at the LEM 780 3/4 hp unit.
  7. I have a Robot Coupe turbo 350 which I have had for probably close to 10 years. I went through numerous 1/2 gl commercial blenders before I finaly made the plunge to a stick blender. We do Soups, purees, & a 7Gl batches of curry base with all kinds of fruits, vegetables, etc in there that we cook until soft and buzz up with the stick blender in about 1/4 the time and half the mess of transferring back and forth to a blender. I agree the vitamix is a sweet machine, but it is no match for larger batch blending when it comes to commercial stick blenders. I think i paid about $450 to $600. when I bought it.
  8. GlowingGhoul is right, Vacuum-packer.com is one of the major Us Distributors for Henkleman they are made in Holland. a fully loaded Boxer35 will run you just under $3,500, and I think they ship for free.
  9. Thanks GlowingGhoul. I just need to make the plunge at some point, it's a big investment, however I think the return on investment will defineately come back to me in savings on lost product and other avenues of productivity and items I can do with it. I'll let you know when I get to that point.
  10. I like the specs on the Boxer 35s, Glowing Ghoul and the price seems very reasonable compared to some of the other units out there. How long have you had yours?
  11. I looked at the MVS 45 that has a huge chamber, but it doesnt look like it comes standard with gas flushing. I think i would like that for some of the items I would use it on Ie: Tuna loins and some meats. I could get by with a little smaller chamber width size, but I like the length on that one. It is a little on the heavy side would need a set place for that one. Thanks
  12. I have a Restaurant and i'm looking to extend shelf life for all products including meat & seafood during slower useage times, also sous vide, and probably get into some canning of sauces and other items for resale in retort bags. I have been looking at the Sammic machines for awhile but just happened upon the Henklemans. They seem to have a bigger pump, about the same capacity of the 310 s with a better price point. plus more features for the buck and appear to be equal in quality.
  13. Cryovac, map, chamber vacuum sealers. Has anyone used any of the Henkleman machines? I'm looking at these and the Sammic machines.
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