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  1. I'm a massive fan of the macaroon, they're not puffed up with vanity like the macaron. You should be able to find a recipe on-line, and just dip them in chocolate.
  2. IKEA usually sells an OK glogg this time of the year.
  3. tsp.

    Rennet Alternatives

    They're not that dissimilar, paneer, cream cheese, rubing etc. are just acid set. They're both coagulating milk.
  4. I've used a similar method to the PID + Pt1000 probe + portable induction, mentioned above, to activate a saison yeast. Seemed to work well, but could have been done without the gear.
  5. tsp.

    Rennet Alternatives

    Pretty sure lemon / vinegar will only work for simple cheeses like paneer (acid coagulation). However, there are plenty of rennet alternatives - Google Fermentation produced chymosin (FPC) - pretty sure most commercial cheeses use it.
  6. tsp.

    Stringy Okra

    Yeah, that totally look bigger than anything I've ever seen going to people.
  7. tsp.

    The Terrine Topic

    Stunning, as usual.
  8. tsp.

    Stringy Okra

    I've seen fresh drumsticks at a market near me, I've always wanted to try them, but only have a handfull of recipies that use them (incidently, all from India: The Cookbook - Pushpesh Pant, which can be a bit touch and go). How would you prepare them? I take it they're quite different to Okra - they're very hard, like their name sake
  9. I just made a prune and rum frangipane tart. Double the prunes, double the rum. Keeping you regular. Actually, it's pretty good.
  10. That's interesting, I've only really had imported Californian lemons probably been sitting in cold storage for six years...
  11. Yeah, is that right? The Cali stone fruits must be pretty good, because I've had some awesome peaches etc. in Oz.
  12. I used to pick mangos at a farm just outside Daily River in the Northern Terirtory, so can relate to all the mango comments. Although I did like to let them cool down in the fidge for a few hours before smashing them.
  13. Another new pairing is the potted Stilton cheese and dark chocolate, made famous by Heston Blumenthal. I've heard of strawberries and peas, or ketchup and banana – incidentally one of Beyonce’s pregnancy cravings... could be something in it... Sounds like an interesting thesis.
  14. I recently made the lemon tart from that book, it came out so well (for a hack like me).
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