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  1. It could be one of two things: you could be overcooking the garlic (making it bitter) or your oil might be rancid.
  2. Hi wurzel, Sorry, we don't have any experience with Alto-Shaam! Sam
  3. My experience suggests that it depends on the final application for the liquid. If it’s going to be used as a broth or clarified for a consommé, I would use the second method because infusing it under pressure will keep more of the volatiles contained. If it’s being reduced to a demi-glace, it probably doesn’t make a big difference because you will be losing those volatiles anyway when you strain the liquid after reducing it on the stove. In terms of reaching the saturation point, I don’t think there’s a big risk for that. I’ve made plenty of triple stocks with a high percentage of aromatics a
  4. Sam Fahey-Burke


    Hi gpaul, Thanks! I haven't heard of the Quik n Crispy, but as a rule, there isn't a good substitute for deep-frying. Sam
  5. You can make a double stock out of almost any liquid or infusion, but it’s best to use fresh meats and aromatics. When I do this, I shop for enough to make a double recipe. I then prepare everything at once and load half of it into the pressure cooker. I keep the rest of the mise en place in the fridge while making the first stock. When it’s done, I strain the liquid, discard the cooked meat and vegetables, and put the second batch in the cooker with the liquid from the first batch. Hope that helps! Sam
  6. 1. I use hickory too. It‚’s good! 2. There really isn‚’t a need to jaccard before a 72 hour cook. The meat will get plenty tender in the sous vide bath.
  7. ssie, There will be a thin film of oil on top of the sauce, but there shouldn‚’t be so much that you could pour it off. Sam
  8. Linda, The texture should be a little thicker than heavy cream. Sam
  9. It’s good. We sometimes use it to finish or season things. Rice bran oil has a very different flavor than olive oil, however, so we don’t recommend it as a substitute.
  10. Try making the whole mixture and then distributing it among several smaller bags; each bag will then attain the proper temperature faster.
  11. I had the same issue. Was wondering if my brand of soy sauce (Kikkoman I think) is saltier than others. We use Higashimaru-brand soy sauce. Hope that helps! Sam
  12. I agree with zmaster on both points. The best way to ensure a successful result with lecithin in a vinaigrette is to make sure it is completely dissolved in the oil phase before making the emulsion. As for cleaning, we take a fairly conventional approach: lots of hot, soapy water, a sponge, and some elbow grease usually do the trick. Sam
  13. You probably did nothing wrong. There’s a lot of butter in the recipe! To a lot of people, it would probably look thin—we just like it that way. Feel free, however, to adjust the ratios to your liking. Hope that helps!
  14. Jbvc2, I recommend cooking it sous vide instead. Sam
  15. Sam Fahey-Burke

    Corned Beef

    Taki‚’s Sweet Onion Sauerkraut is the same thing we serve with our pastrami. We make sauerkraut, but there‚’s nothing Modernist about it: Just slice up a bunch of cabbage, lightly salt it, and let it ferment under the pressure of a solid weight. Then mix it, in equal parts, with thinly sliced and sweated sweet onions. Then add cream and reduce it until it‚’s thick. Sam
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