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  1. Hi Khana_hai, Very few Indian preparations need a second tadka at the time of serving; in over 15 years of North Indian cooking I have only seen it in some Dals (heavy lentil curries), never in vegetable curries or other rice/khichadi etc. recipes. If you felt that the sabudana lacked flavor it is probably because traditionally sabudana khichadi falls under the category of 'Vrat ka Khana' (food for days of religious fasting). Some Hindu fasts allow consumption of grain-free and simple foods.. hence the recipe lacks the all important powder spices that are responsible for flavor. Also is there a chance that you did not add enough oil and green chilis in the first tadka itself? I'm thinking of popular Indian breakfast dishes - Batata Poha, Vegetable Upma and even Pulaos where the first (and only seasoning) is followed by raw vegetables that cook for up to 10 minutes and only then the main ingredient goes in.. often with powdered spices like turmeric, red chili powder and garam masala. Never felt the lack of flavor!
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