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  1. This is a cooked eggnog, heat 3c cream , 3c milk and 1/2c sugar, temper in 4 egg yolks stirring. Add 4 stiffly beaten and sugared egg whites in mounds and gently stir while pouring by ladle the liquid over the meringue to cook whites. Add more sugar if needed and vanilla. We add whiskey to the mug as desired and or nutmeg.
  2. Creola

    Dinner! 2013 (Part 1)

    Everyones dinners look delicious, with time and effort showing through.We had fried catfish on the bone which i like with rice and homemade chips.
  3. Crouton,sorry i'm late but this is how the pie comes out with flour.As you can see even at the thinnest point it holds it's shape.
  4. My base recipe was 2tb flour to 2 eggs , sugar, butter and 1cup of corn syrup if that helps you to compare to your recipe.
  5. To get it to seperate put the pecans in the pie shell first then add the filling and let set a few minutes for pecans to come to the top then bake. It will work and I do add the flour to our bakery pies so that works also, selling pies for twenty years so it is well tested.
  6. You can add one tablespoon of flour per egg to set the pie.
  7. I guess as long as you seal the pole with foam insulation to prevent moisture and cold air loss it would work, but you will also lose space inside for shelving.
  8. I read a story once of a bachelor that was asked to bring eggnog to a party and he melted a good quality ice cream and added bourbon. If all else fails its a backup, add a little nutmeg and rum.
  9. Would it be possible to move a pole, it would be easier.
  10. Are there any sort of labels or tags on or under it?
  11. Creola


    It sounds like she added some flour to all her butter, then added this mixture last
  12. Was it a sour/ tart beer like malt like a sourdough or sweet malt ball tasting?
  13. Not even a taste from the corner ? Under that paper we would'nt see the hole. You are stronger woman than I.Look forward to the review, I was wondering about the loaf also.
  14. I have a large supply of Meyer lemons given to me so today I made a white cake,lemon curd filling and almond french buttercream. That took care of 2 lemons,a case to go.
  15. I make a dry caramel by putting the sugar in a wide bottom pan and when it starts to melt I swirl the pan, gently at first then as it gets more liquid faster. I find once you start stirring with a spoon it starts clumping. I have no problems with this method.
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