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  1. I've done some research and found a report of a nerve cluster over the eyes that has blood vessels close to it. When the blood vessels dialate it puts pressure on the nerves causing pain. I notice when I get the headaches I can feel the blood vessels pulsing on the top inside of my eye sockets. Sometimes it's more prominent on one side & the pain is more severe on that side. Ice packs help relieve some of the pain. Here's a link to alcohol unduced headaches. http://headaches.about.com/od/headaches101/a/Understanding-Alcohol-Induced-Headaches.htm
  2. Hi All. I'd like to see this thread revived since I had had the same problem with beer. Wine too. Very bad headaches that last about 24 hours with the pain centered over my right eye(where I can feel a blood vessal throb). I can get these from 1 beer. I've been doing some tests over the last few months with me as the guinea pig. At first I thought I had it solved when I drank sports drinks before, during, and after drinking beer, but my body seemed to try to flush out the problem faster than I could replenish the water and electrolytes. I then tried taking Benadryl before drinking which h
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