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  1. The Carpigiani I have is model LB 502 G (I'm guessing "G" for "Gelato"). The manual does not differentiate between ice cream and gelato. It only uses the term "ice cream." The machine doesn't have adjustable overrun but adjustable "Consistency" on a 1-10 "Hard-O-Tronic" scale, with 10 being the hardest. There is no mention of overrun in the manual. It does say "High butter fat ice cream may require a higher consistency, while ice cream with low fat content (such as shebert) requires a lower consistency setting." After reading the manual I decided to test out a trustworthy recipe of standard vanilla ice cream. I set the consistency on 8. The ice cream came out smooth, creamy, and dense at first. As I continue to dispense the ice cream became rough looking and had a broken cream texture. Maybe I should've gone with a lower consistency?
  2. Thanks @HungryChris. It's the right manual.
  3. Thanks for your responses! My work has a Carpigiani machine to produce gelato (and a lot of it) for other properties and a Pacojet for the onsite restaurant. I need to send the Pacojet for service. I've yet to locate a manual for the Carpigiani machine. I'm new here and the gelato has been made under one setting that never changes. Do all Carpigiani machines have adjustable overrun?
  4. Does anyone know what the difference between a batch gelato machine and batch ice cream machine?
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