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  1. Garth

    Lobster Bisque

    Shells are essential to good lobster or shrimp bisques.break lobster shells with a mallet saute for 10mins along with any aromatics you're using , then a cognac reduction, then sherry reduction, cover shells with h2o or fish stock & simmer covered for a couple hours. Off heat puree everything in blender & strain it, then strain it again using a CHINOIS & discard anything left behind. Dont use flour or cornstarch or tomato paste just reduce awhile then finish with heavey cream & reduce. besides giving the soup nearly all of it's flavor the shells make it thick. I like to get
  2. Garth

    Using up frozen meat

    Grind into chubs mark it pet food.
  3. I would have baked disks of meringue for the layers then pipe whip cream around the edge spread strawberries in the middle then set another meringue on that & repeat then top with a meringue & pipe a stiff whipped cream on it & drizlle with chocolate garnish with strawberries (boccone dolce). Recipes are instructions for people with limited cooking exp. There is alot of psychology to dealing with people when it comes to food. I don't know how many times a server brought me back a piece of prime rib or steak to re-do that was cooked just like the customer ordered & all I ever di
  4. Cook down shrimp & lobster shells for stock to use for bisque, ink sacks from squid/calamari to make pasta nero,use outer leaves of lettuce left from cleaning to sweaten stocks, keep bread heels for bread crumbs or stuffing, egg shells for clarifying, bake potatoes for homefries then peel with a knife next day & save the peelings to be deep fried & served as potato skins, left over baked potatoes are good for gnochi, fat & tallow can be saved to make soap. There are litteraly thousands of possibilities.
  5. Dinner: Papa Haydn on 23d El Gaucho on Broadway Jakes Grill at the Governer hotel on 11th Ringside on Burnside Breakfast: Acropolis on McLaughlin Blvd lunch: Blind Onion
  6. . I use to prep them a day ahead for sunday brunch. poach them then place them in large plastic containers of Ice water then into the cooler overnight. To reheat I used a set up simillar to what you might use to heat cooked pasta like a china cap in a pot of heated water except not a china cap more like a basket. That vortex method is the french method for poaching an egg that I have found to be unfeasable & simply more trouble than it's worth do to the amount of attention each egg requires not to mention you can only cook 1 egg at a time in a single pan. It would be safe to say I have coo
  7. water temp is most important for perfect eggs & don't over crowd. Vinegar or pickles are or lemons are useful to alot of people. They make the water easier to be kept clean, they change the buoyancy this floats the scum & blow off making it easy to discard with a sloted spoon. they also keep the eggs from cooking directly to the bottom of the pan. I've never cooked more than 20 at once but I have cooked 20 at once for several hours.I like to use a 2" hotel pan with a lid on it & just set it right on a 350-375 degree grill. Kept filled with water & I just use oil, occasional
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