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  1. 1 hour ago, MetsFan5 said:



    @JoNorvelleWalker Acme is still present in Northern NJ— specifically Morris Plains. “Acme” was my first actual word as a child outside of yes, no and forms of mom and dad. 

      I haven’t been in their store on probablt 15 years but it changed a bit since my childhood. I have had them delivered via Instacart. 


      A&P I remember fondly as the one that was in Morristown (and is now a Whole Foods) sold alcohol so I could shop there for food while in college and buy beer and have my friends give me money back for it when my parents thought I was just getting food. 🙈


     Jeff who? Corzine? 


    I also foundly rememner Grand Union in Basking Ridge. 



    In this case Jeff Bezos.


    I do have somewhat fonder memories of Acme from when I was growing up in Philadelphia in the 1950's.


  2. I can't say I love Shoprite either but Shoprite is what's here.  And as I've seen, Shoprite stores vary all over in quality depending on who owns them.*  They are a franchise operation.  The Shoprite where I live has gotten better over the years but they still lack things like frozen peas.


    We used to have a Grand Union and a Food Town.**  Grand Union went bankrupt a quarter century ago and I'm not sure what happened to Food Town but they went the way of the dodo when Shoprite moved in.  After Grand Union closed, many of the Grand Union employees went to Shoprite and many went to a higher end store in Princeton called McCaffrey’s.  I still see the kind people I knew from Grand Union when I shop at Shoprite or McCaffrey’s (which I dearly wish was in walking distance).  For a while Shoprite employees told me working conditions were so bad at the local Shoprite that they shopped at the Shoprite next further north (different owner).  But now people tell me they prefer to shop at this Shoprite because there is much greater selection than at other Shoprite stores.  As long as you don't want frozen peas, of course.


    Jeff has promised us a new Whole Foods, in walking distance for me.  All the Township approvals are in place.  I only hope I live so long.  Shoprite could use some competition.



    *over forty years ago but the manager of one local Shoprite store I informed I would never shop there again, ever.  And I have not.


    **and then there were an A&P and an Acme but less said the better.  Anyone else remember "WEO"?



  3. 1 minute ago, Kerry Beal said:

    That sucks. Does it mean straight dirt on the balcony?


    Seriously I don't know.  I'd be the first to admit I have a lot of plants in a small space, but I am not the only one with a lot of plants who lives here.  Two years ago the rental agent told me that two of my planters needed to be removed by order of the owner because she (the owner) thought they looked too heavy.  At that time the rental agent said the rest of my planters were fine.  Years ago I checked with the township building inspector who told be these balconies were rated for an obscene amount of weight.


    However even if I wanted to remove the planters, the larger ones I could not move myself.  I'm more physically challenged than I used to be.  And at the moment I am terribly upset, more so than I wish to admit on a public forum.



  4. 3 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Here you go. 


    With its honey The Last Wynd looked a little sweet, however I was enchanted by the Dernier Mot variation.  Hardest part was locating the coup to drink it from.  I used Chartreuse Green V.E.P., Luxardo, and Neisson l'Esprit.  My go to white mai tai rhum is La Favorite Blanc but this called for l'Esprit.


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  5. 2 hours ago, Okanagancook said:

    Ok, there are rules associated with our pig roast.

    It is a 'picking' pig.  This means one can pull meat from between the shoulders and the ham...basically the belly.

    You can't use anything except your fingers.  No napkins as an aid.  No forks or knives.  Just fingers.  Someone showed up with a hemostat one year.  It which was promptly confiscated.

    The reason being, if it doesn't come off easily, then the meat isn't done.

    Usually the pig is picked clean with the ribs showing...ribs are fair game also.

    The cracking is usually shared with early comers but this year I think our family/helpers ate most of it 😬..there were 7 of us.

    No feeding the dog (we usually hang a sign around the dog's neck "I hate pig") 😃

    In the morning you know you've been to a pig roast because your fingers are burnt, you smell like smoke and you are a little hung over.

    Here is a picture of a friend just getting started.  She has a nice pull of belly going.




    How fast is the spit rotating in that picture?


  6. 6 minutes ago, rotuts said:



    It'll be nice to have a water reservoir that's not all green with algae - at least for a little while!


    keep the old reservoir


    take the cap off


    and keep it of course


    then get a wonderful brush


    and deal w the algrea in the old water container 


    or get a bit of beach , full strength 


    w some hot water


    put that in the old reservoir


    and while hot


    put your palm over the top


    and Shake , Shake , Shake.


    the drain , and let the rest of the bleach in container




    you might rise the container after its dry


    but use that


    cover your water container w a towel


    tea or not


    so no sunlight  


    gets in the old container 


    no more algae.


    seee ?


    As I recall I used a bit of bleach for the algae problem.  Or you could think of it as umami.


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  7. 6 hours ago, kayb said:

    Darto paella pan. It works for a bazillion different things. I dearly love mine.



    As much as I love my Darto the wedding is in only 10 months.  Better start planning for a future anniversary.  Seriously, at the moment all but the 15 cm and 25 cm are out of stock.



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