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  1. 2 hours ago, Kim Shook said:

    If you have access to Costco and they have these, I can recommend them.  Virginia peanuts are fantastic and this is an excellent price.


    Not a Costco member.  I rarely have need of bulk purchases and the nearest Costco (that I know of) is an hour away.  By car.  If you have a car.


    I can get acceptable peanuts from nuts.com but Planters are cheap and usually quite good, in my opinion.


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  2. Today Shoprite had a notice posted.  The gist of which:  "Due to unprecedented supply chain problems we don't have much to sell.  We appreciate your patience."


    Product shortages are becoming funny.  But at least Shoprite had limes and potatoes.  And plenty of fresh produce.  (And toilet paper, which is more than I can say for amazon.)


  3. 24 minutes ago, gfweb said:


    Every once in a while I'll encounter a foodish smell that yanks me back to Mrs. Sneathen at the cafeteria at Lafayette Consolidated Elementary School.

    Asparagus isn't part of it. She was a kind woman...generous with the pasta.


    Lafayette was a patriot and I'm sure he knew how to eat.


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  4. 2 hours ago, paulraphael said:


    I wouldn't bother. The copper cookware that works well is ~2.5mm thick. The thin stuff is considered "tourist copper." It looks nice. It's often used at restaurants for bringing sauces to the table. But it's not restaurant cookware.


    I'd think twice about buying any heavy cookware today. Cooking on fire is in its twilight period. The day is coming when serious cooks will have to use induction, unless they're in an old building that's getting grandfathered in to gas use. 


    If you're sold on copper, consider getting just the pieces where it will make the most difference, like a medium-sized saucepan that you can use for things that need the most precise heat control.


    As far as handles ... I disagree with the bronze handle recommendation. Cast iron will conduct heat more slowly, and is more badass. 


    Also don't just look at Mauviel. Consider Falk. They actually make the laminated material used by Mauviel and Bourgeat, so the equivalent pieces are usually a bit cheaper. Bourgeat for some reason is a bit more expensive. 



    Most of my battery of Falk are the classic line, with the iron handles.  They are beautiful and lovely.  However these days I employ them pretty much only for Hollandaise and when I need my largest frying pan.  I am spoiled by my Paragons and induction.  Thankfully I have a couple pieces of Falk's induction line.  The only real disadvantage is they are not yet offered in the largest sizes.  Mitigated by the fact that any heavier and I could not lift them.


  5. 1 hour ago, gfweb said:

    Its like mac and cheese to me. Reputation usually exceeds the execution. It reminds me of elementary school cafeteria food...which has its place. 


    Sadly what that brings to mind is canned asparagus and saliferous chipped beef.


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  6. 16 minutes ago, MaryIsobel said:

    Another WW friendly dinner. Beef and broccoli and brown rice. I really like doing the beef/sauce part in the instapot. I saute the onions in the IP, take them out, then just add the the beef and sauce and cook for 10 minutes. Quick release - turn to saute, add the cornstarch slurry and the steamed broccoli, sauteed onions and bean sprouts. Served with brown rice - it hit the spot.





    Beautiful picture.


  7. 29 minutes ago, heidih said:

    Ack stale peanuts. I gave up on Planters - too much disappointment. The Kroger brand generally lives up to expectation. Worst case I re-toast. As to customer service - yes like you I ran a company and wow the lack of it! My major beef is foil. Seriously the stuff is not cheapn and when i send pics of how you mangled the roll to your CS and you promise at least a coupon and it never shows.... As to poeanuts treat yourself to Hubs - my neighbor brings me some every Christmas. I've not ordered myself - off to wring last bit out of my free Prime  https://www.hubspeanuts.com/product/salted-peanuts?


    Pricy, thanks, but I might give them a try.


  8. I am bent out of shape with a response from Hormel regarding rancid Planters Peanuts.  As anyone who knows me knows I purchase a lot of Planters Peanuts.  The jar I recently opened was horribly rancid.


    The Hormel customer service rep explained the peanuts were rancid because they were past the date code (by less than a month, I might add).  I opened another jar and they were fine.


    I expected at the very least Hormel would have offered me a replacement jar of peanuts.  I am not planning to boycott Hormel, as I like their products too much.  But I will voice my dissatisfaction with Hormel customer service till the end of the internet.  Or of time.  Whichever comes first.


    I used to run a company.  That is not how one treats customers.


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  9. 41 minutes ago, chefmd said:

    I had frozen wings dating back to May 2020 (because on eGullet you tell the truth).  Too old to roast.  I made a traditional Russian dish called холодец.  Which is basically an aspic dish usually made with pigs trotters.  I blanched the wings, pressure cooked in instant pot for 30 minutes with previously made stock and duck legs confit jellied stock. Added a lonely carrot.  It should be served with horseradish but I did not have any.  Black currant mustard on the side.




    Do I observe correctly there is an unpeeled onion?


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  10. 4 hours ago, Chris Hennes said:

    But, in a discussion about making Neapolitan-style pizza at home, the beauty is we can totally avoid this problem (in fact, I'd suggest it's a great reason to make it at home!). All pizza nights at my house include a built-in "intermission" while I shape and bake the second pie, and it goes from oven to your plate in under 60 seconds.


    And how do you get the pictures?


  11. Dinner01162022.jpg


    Rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, Brussels sprouts.  Ghost Pines zinfandel.  Why is it that the NY Times has Yorkshire pudding in the 1961 edition of their cookbook, but not in the 2021 edition?


    Followed by a bottle of Fonseca port, unharmed by 40 years.  Possibly not the finest port, but nice legs.  Besides it is frigid cold, there is a storm on the way, and, well, you know what they say.


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  12. 41 minutes ago, Joe Blowe said:


    I remember when a box of Diamond Crystal Kosher salt went for two bucks. Today, I lost it when Restaurant Depot wanted $7.90 for the same size box.

    WTAF?! SMH.



    Was sure you must be mistaken.  So I checked on line.  Supermarketitaly is asking $7.99 for a box of Diamond Crystal.  You got a deal!  Better than earlier in the pandemic when Diamond Crystal was not to be had at any price.


    I remember when beef was 25 cents a pound and postage was 3 cents.



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  13. 7 hours ago, weinoo said:


    But even kosher salts weigh in differently, though probably not enough to make a difference in this small quantity; I generally start with this amount or a little bit more, kind of no matter how much stock I'm starting, since as I skim I'm taking water off obviously.  When I'm done skimming, I'll taste just to get an idea - salt can always be added  but never removed, as the old saying goes.


    I've never really heard of rolling boils for making stock, though in school we did learn of a method they called "express stock." Which was stock made at a quite higher heat than a gentle simmer (which is how I like to make stock) for a much shorter period of time.


    When you think of making stock in a pc, you know it's cooking pretty rapidly, yet some of the clearest (and best) stocks come from pressure cookers, though one has to cool them down properly before opening, so as not to agitate everything together.


    But in a pressure cooker the stocks aren't boiling.


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  14. 8 hours ago, Duvel said:

    Correct. It ensures that those 15% salted chicken broth stay inside the meat, partly even in the cooked product (if you don’t overdo it). 

    Just as an anecdote: adding flavored liquids to meat in Germany to increase weight is not allowed, unless the product specification calls for it (as in “pickled ox tongue”). Carrageenan itself is banned in the EU.


    I'm puzzled.  Ireland is part of the EU.  Has not carrageenan been a staple of Irish cuisine for millennia?  Perhaps before some Peruvian peasant invented the potato.  Googling a bit I found no reports that carrageenan, E407, is banned in the EU.


    I keep carrageenan on hand in the bedroom for my Modernist gelato.  Whether carrageenan belongs in chicken wings is another question.  One must ask why.  Does carrageenan make the meaty bits taste Eire?


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  15. 30 minutes ago, gfweb said:


    Goose is nice. I'd bet Wild Fork has decent prices.

    Do it!


    $87.78 per piece and frozen.  Remains to be seen if goose would fit in the APO.  And there might be leftovers.



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