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  1. If it wasn't clear I have no love for ultra pasteurized dairy products.  I avoid them whenever possible.  Carrageenan (or perhaps carrageenan and glycerides) in ultra pasteurized cream is disgusting because at best the cream ends up like snot.  I have never, ever seen ultra pasteurized cream for sale without carrageenan and glycerides as additives.


    I linked the Edible Toronto article only to demonstrate ultra pasteurized cream was readily available in Ontario, if not in Ottawa.


    But I have nothing against carrageenan per se.  I sleep with a bag of carrageenan in my bedroom.


  2. 2 hours ago, ElsieD said:


    Interesting.   I am able to buy frozen mango puree at a Mexican store and I imagine that they would have the canned as well.  I bought frozen mango chunks at Costco and didn't care for them.  A number of the chunks were not very ripe, thus not very sweet.   I can adjust for not having 40% whipping cream but not for it not being ultra pasteurized.  I don't know if it is worth my while to get the book  given those constraints.


    In particular Rose recommends the Ratna brand for mango.  She says: "Many canned brands of mango pulp taste more like peach than mango flavor."  A quick search shows Ratna is available from amazon and from Indian grocery stores.  (But not from amazon.ca.)


    The way the recipe is written it does not require ultra pasteurized milk or cream.  Not having read much of the book yet, I doubt that anything actually requires ultra pasteurized cream.  I could be wrong but I think what Rose is saying is that you can skip heating the bulk of the cream if the cream is ultra pasteurized.


    I'm surprised though that you can't find ultra pasteurized cream in Ottawa.  It is all but ubiquitous down here.  And from what I've read ultra pasteurized cream is difficult to avoid in Canada.




  3. My copy of Rose's Ice Cream Bliss arrived today.  I ordered glucose DE 42 to give her recipes a fair shake.  I have no experience with using glucose so it should be fun.  However my cream is not ultra pasteurized so I plan to cook my mix more than she suggests.


    @ElsieD Rose's mango recipe calls for canned mango, just so you know.  Rose feels Indian canned mango is far superior to fresh.


    Fun times.



  4. The Economist this week has an article on American vegetable gardening:


    "From a selfish perspective, this hot quarrelsome month has brought two great joys to your columnist.  It gave him his first opportunity to take part in American democracy, in the form of a local election for which his foreign citizenship was no bar."




    "To a European transplant, the notion of vegetable gardening having any kind of partisan hue is nuts.  Yet Lexington's experience suggests that such politicking will not stop its resurgence.  He expanded his vegetable plot -- to the sunny front of his house -- not because of the pandemic but after he finally mustered the courage to risk his neighbor's wrath.  Far from objecting, however, several have constructed raised beds of their own.  One neighbor, a distinguished law professor, even followed your columnist into the local dumpsters in search of the necessary planks."



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  5. A favorite...





    Fagioli E Tonno.  Rancho Gordo Marcella beans.  Which I aspirated, choked on, and thought I might die.  Other than that, delicious.




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  6. 1 hour ago, ccp900 said:

    Try tapioca starch. It is better frozen than cornstarch and they’re not hard to get. I used that a lot before switching to a commercial blend. Actually for 1 of my flavors I prefer tapioca starch than my blend.  I still haven’t found the ultimate culprit but I think the commercial base made my salted caramel flavor a tiny bit lumpy like I had small globs of fat and the only thing I changed was the stabilizer.


    i just realized I replied to a thread that’s more than a year ago. Sorry for necroing an old thread



    No worry replying to an old thread, that's how eGullet works.  I use tapioca starch when making Modernist gelato.  I do not care for cornstarch.


  7. 2 hours ago, KennethT said:

    I'm really happy using the CSO to steam whole fish. Today I had one steaming for 20 minutes, but when it was finished I hadn't finished the sauce or vegetable yet so I started a steam cycle at 120F and the fish sat that way for over 10 minutes... The result? Perfect! Not overcooked and super moist as if it had just finished.


    I've steamed whole fish in the CSO with good results.  The problem is the oven is a little small, that or my fish are a little large.


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  8. 1 hour ago, mgaretz said:

    I have tried adding butter but it always ends up tasting like butter.  What’s the proper way to add in butter?


    I think if you use butter you may need to homogenize your mix before chilling it.  I realize not everyone has an homogenizer.


    What happens if you simply use all lactose free half and half instead of milk and cream?


  9. 1 hour ago, mgaretz said:

    I'm waiting for someone, anyone, to make lactose-free cream (that's available in the states).  Closest I have ever found is lactose-free half and half.


    What about using lactose free milk and butter?


  10. 1 hour ago, ElsieD said:


    Thanks for this.  I took some time and read through the preview.  One thing I  noticed is she used 40% ultrapasturized cream which I don't think I have ever seen here.  She says if you use this, there is no need to temper the yolks.  She does say you can up the cream% by adding butter.  So i guess I can use the cream i get here, add butter and temper the mixture.   Our whipping cream is 35% BF.  Any thoughts?


    Ultra pasteurized cream is most common here.  I try to avoid it for ice cream but I use it in a pinch when it is all that I can get.  As far as the butterfat percentage I might increase the cream and use less milk.  I've never seen 40% cream for sale and according to Wikipedia 40% cream has only recently come to retail.


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