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  1. There is no cooking task I detest more than breaking down a chicken.  Especially tonight as I desperately tried to channel my inner Child.  I now understand the true purpose of a toque:  to keep chicken out of the chef's hair.





    Dinner had an apple theme.  Poulet Vallee D' Auge.  Autumn in Jersey as an aperitif.  It may not exactly be autumn but this is [New] Jersey.  Boneless (see above) chicken breast with Calvados laced sauce allemande.  For the sauce allemande I used More Than Gourmet mushroom and chicken essences.  I may have overdone it.  Those essences are concentrated.


    Worse, I cut my thumb ripping open the cardboard box.  How can you break down a chicken without injury (not counting chicken in your hair) and then bloody yourself on cardboard?  ON CARDBOARD.  I ask you.


    Beverage was to have been sparkling cider.  I COULDN'T GET THE CORK OUT.  In addition to the sauce allemande, sauce cranberry was served.  Because I am a red blooded American and I can.


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  2. 49 minutes ago, Kim Shook said:

    @Kerry Beal, I know you are busy and all, but Kerry, I think I might have a lead for you😉.  Please observe this candy I bought a couple of days ago.  It is called Butter Krak and is a special candy only available around Easter.  It is very good – dark chocolate, regular and toasted coconut and butter cream.  But, please look at that chocolate.  That is the worst temper I’ve ever seen on a commercial product.  It is truly worse than mine.  And that can’t actually be fingerprints visible on the surface? 



    It may not have butter but at least it has a crack.


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  3. 6 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Cabbage/ramen noodle/smoked chicken salad with beans and ribs





    Beans and ribs were what I planned last night!  Around midnight reality caught up with me and dinner was bread and cheese.  Good bread though.  And Methode Rotuts.


    The ribs are precooked sous vide but even with my new pressure cooker beans are not instant.


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  4. My tax refund came and I ordered two more Williams Sonoma branded Scanpan non-stick pans similar to the ones I linked above.  Perhaps not the smartest thing for someone who may soon lose her job.  But I've been cooking more and more with induction on the Paragon(s); and my Cuisinart pans from the 1980's -- at least nine Cuisinart pans that I can count -- are not compatible with induction* and the flimsy Cuisinart spot welds fall off.  I should add that the Cuisinart pans are not non-stick.


    As a plus I really like the Williams Sonoma handle design, which is consistent across multiple lines of Williams Sonoma branded cookware.  One of my favorite pans is a Williams Sonoma stainless steel stir fry pan with the same handle.  And most Williams Sonoma branded pans are cheap by almost any standard.  The made in Thailand stir fry pan I love was about $30.



    *my Falk pans are not compatible with induction either, but the rivets do not fall out.


  5. On ‎2‎/‎21‎/‎2020 at 12:50 PM, chromedome said:

    IIRC oat groats are routinely steamed in processing, to inactivate an enzyme that would otherwise cause their oils to quickly become rancid.

    I doubt it especially matters in the context, though.


    Today I read in the NY Times that steel cut oats are more healthful than rolled oats because rolled oats are precooked.  Who knew?  I was planning to flock some oats for oatmeal but I found* an old, half full box of Quaker rolled oats and used the Quaker oats instead.  They tasted rancid.  True, they were probably well past their best by date.


    Then I baked some oatmeal cookies, but not with the Quaker oats.



    *not really "found", I knew where it was all along.  That doesn't always help.


  6. 3 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:




    You know those Nick and Nora's I've been watching thrift stores for for a couple of years? The ones that grace the front of Time Life's Beverages book? The ones I can only find with gray stems?




    they had them. 




    Here's the manufacturer.


    I was amazing sober for someone who had knocked back an aperol spritz and two cocktails - but I did notice I was a bit loquacious when talking to @Anna N via Facetime tonight.





    Indeed.  I had to pull out my copy of The Good Cook Beverages to look.  Not that I need more glassware but how many ounces do they hold?


  7. 6 hours ago, gfweb said:


    I've wondered about that warranty issue. It sounds like some part of a non-compete agreement with home-use brands (perhaps because Costco sells both). Certainly a home kitchen is a less damaging place than a commercial kitchen.


    Vollrath won't warrant my stainless steel mixing bowls.


  8. 7 hours ago, Kerry Beal said:

    Anyone know if they are out there somewhere in Amsterdam? These were doorstops and they have the reputation as being one of the best in Amsterdam. 


    Sadly at the moment I am not in Amsterdam but in sympathy with your plight...





    Pomme frites a la Kenji.  Salad and sauce Momofuku not shown.



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  9. Lying in bed about dawn, covers over my head trying to get back to sleep with a truck outside my window with the engine running...I realized I could simply weigh the bag of oats.  Yes, I added all the oats I had intended.  There must be some other explanation.


    I shall never again expect success from a recipe I've tried to convert from dry volume to weight.


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  10. 5 hours ago, catdaddy said:

    Do the oats have to be cooked at all before flocking?


    Nothing I've seen in the Ankarsrum literature or demonstration videos mentions cooking the groats before flocking.  In any event I did not cook my groats and I was quite pleased with the result.


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  11. 2 hours ago, DaveJes1979 said:

    There are now a handful of consumer/residential blast chillers available.


    $2,900 wall unit by Irinox:  https://www.irinox.shop/products/freddy


    $949 Vesta:  https://www.vestaprecision.com/products/blast-chiller-freezer-frysta


    Coldline W30:  https://coldlineliving.it/en/abbattitore-di-temperatura-life-w30/


    The Vesta is still "coming soon" and, strangely, only operates on 200-300W!  Hard to believe that is sufficient for a blast chiller, but we'll see.


    The Coldline appears to be designed for the European power grid only, and I can't find info on pricing and availability.


    The Irinox is pricey, but as a bonus it can operate as a low temperature oven.


    I've had my Vesta on order since last fall when Kerry kindly brought it to our attention.  I heard from Vesta day before yesterday that the freezer will ship the middle of next month.


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  12. 1 hour ago, heidih said:

    I'm reminded of @JoNorvelleWalker storing kitchen stuff under the bed. When my step mom is in town I don't like to mingle with her stuff cuz it irritates her so under the bed. Course I am not a pot hound and also have the luxury of the garage for bigger stuff like crock pot, big stock pot and such. 


    No, no, no.  No stuff under the bed.  Not here, not for years, not never.  I'm too old to extract an errant cat or robot.  I will however share a portion of my less embarrassing bedroom storage.*





    Nonstick pans live to the rear left, below the Ankarsrum mixing bowl, just above the Matfer chinois.  Hope this helps.




    *Thankfully the closets are too dark to take a picture.  That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.



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  13. 5 hours ago, dscheidt said:

    It's an abrasive cloth or paper.  It's an iron oxie abrasive (usually fine, but in theory, it was available in a range of grits), loosely bound to the sheet.  Because iron oxide is relatively soft, and the grains are not firmly attached to the backing, it will not cut well, and is used for finishing, the steps before a buffing compound is used.    It's very much like (real) emery cloth, but using iron oxide instead of the aluminum oxide in emery.  


    I rather expect you're not going to find it at your local hardware store, let alone a big box.  It's pretty thoroughly obsolete for industrial use.


    Just ask Jeff...





  14. 1 hour ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    These look like great ways to greet the day.    I have no sweet tooth, so I add salt and butter to my oatmeal.    Having the option of burgers, all of the faces of bolognese, ribs for breakfast?  I'd set my alarm for these!  



    Had I the option I wouldn't set my alarm for anything.  However I'd gladly stay up late for an @Ann_T breakfast.


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  15. 57 minutes ago, Margaret Pilgrim said:

    Had to Google Duvel , thinking it a wine label I hadn't heard of.  I learn so much here.


    Or you could have just checked his avatar.


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